Mad for…Meg

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is brave, strong and emboldened because of who Christ is in her.

We need more goodness, more virtue, more women of faith. We need more kindness, tenderness and genuine concern for purity. We need more pretty hearts and beautiful souls. We need more women like Meg Ryder.

Meg is the wife to a top shelf guy named Tom and the mother to a talented and soft-hearted daughter named Faith. Tom and Meg are pictured above. She comes from a large and loving family full up to their eyeballs with love of the Lord. She’s lived a very blessed life, and she knows her belovedness. These gifts, she shares generously with others.

I met Meg several years ago when we attended a Christ Renews His Parish retreat at St. Louis de Montfort. Her goodness shined like sunbeams then as now. She was impossible to miss. I admire Meg because of how she has risen above the storms that life brings us all. She is one of the women who taught me by her witness that all of us may have areas of brokenness but God still chooses us and uses us to bring others to Him.

Meg is funny and beautiful. Her smile is as genuine as her character and integrity. She’s an incredibly affirming person. It’s no surprise then that her daughter shares many of these same qualities. I ran into Meg today at the SLDM fall fest. Her warmth and her big bear hug made my day and I decided I was LONG OVERDUE to tell her how special she is to me and many others! Thank you, Meg, for being a light for others. Your optimism and your faith make the world a better place every single day!

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