Mad for…Mary Lou

She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction on her tongue. (Prov. 31:26)

Mary Lou Fischer is a woman who knows trusting in God to counsel and guide us is the best path. She shared with me from time to time when I would run into her about her quiet joyfulness by explaining that she reflects often about the blessings of her life. She’s a wise woman whose time alone with the Lord seems to have graced her with the sweet peace of God.

I met Mary Lou almost 20 years ago when we went to get our middle son baptized at St. Louis de Montfort Catholic Church in Fishers. We were brand new parishioners at SLDM with a newborn who had special health concerns at the time. It’s easy to forget those early struggles when one looks at my very large 6’5 inch Boilermaker today! She said, “no problem” and she came to the house and cheerfully prepared us for the process. This woman spent many years being a jack of all trades for SLDM. She helped with weddings and funerals, loved up students at the school, and kept the religious education program running smoothly, among other duties as a pastoral associate for the parish. She taught protocol classes before the program went online. I honestly feel like there is probably no ministry on campus at SLDM that she was not involved in at one time or another. Mary Lou was a fixture at the parish with an impressive work ethic and a positive attitude. Her influence and gentle spirit made her the face of Christ to all she encountered.

She has suffered tragedies and set backs, like all of us do eventually in this crazy life, and she has met them with courage and eyes of faith. As a mother and grandmother, she is supportive and loving beyond words. I always enjoyed watching her interact with others because of the grace-filled words and quiet optimism she never failed to share. She is especially gifted with children.

When Mary Lou retired, I failed to reach out and thank her properly for her incredible service to the parish and to our family specifically. It’s a regret I’m attempting to rectify today. Mary Lou, thank you for your example of faith and for setting high standards for those around you. I’m grateful for all the beautiful smiles and warm hugs as well as the wisdom and prayers. Thank you for being someone who always taught me by your example to trust in providence and rest in the peace of Christ. Because of you, many of us learned an important lesson– that we should be grateful no matter what! May the blessings of the Lord always be abundantly present for you, Mary Lou! Hugs from the Thieme family…and say hello to Wes from us!!

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