Mad for…Carol

We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence. My grandmother was that person to me. (Phylis Theroux)

There’s an old Italian proverb I love which states, “If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.” For those of us lucky enough to be blessed with a terrific grandparent in our lives, there is so much wisdom, love and general spoiling going on there. As a child, that unconditional love I received from my grandparents settled on my soul as a certainty of my own belovedness. My own parents are phenomenally supportive and loving models of what I think God means grandparents to be as well, and my dear friend Renee has been similarly gifted in her life with a stunningly terrific human as her mother and as the grandma to her two kiddos. I’d like to tell you a little more about her. Meet Carol Raver! She’s pictured above, on the right, with her husband and her four fantastic grandkids.

Carol is the sunny wife to a very solid guy named Dave. They live in Batesville, Indiana. Together, they raised two daughters, Kathy (Cruz) and Renee (Schwegman). Because her daughter and I are close friends, I know how supportive and present Carol is as a mother. I watched her drive back and forth from Batesville last year when her daughter Kathy was very ill, in and out of the hospital, for instance, to help fill in the gaps. I know it was exhausting, but that’s just what she knew she needed to do. I’ve seen her at an incredible number of sporting events, plays, choir concerts and of course graduations over the years from my nearby perch. One can see clearly how beautifully she loved and nurtured her daughters as they were raised, by the impressive moms both of these women are now as adults themselves. As a grandmother to Laine, Ty, Lilah and Max, Carol is ever-present. She’s caring, generous, and devoted.

Carol is an amazing woman who is treasured by her family. To Laine, Ty, Max and Lilah, she’s a sprinkle of parenting, a little bit teacher, and a big scoop of unique friendship. I have long thought when observing grandparents that this phase of life is when women come into the fullness of their grace. That certainly seems to be the case with Carol Raver. She’s got a beautiful smile and an infectious laugh that fills the room. I’ve been watching her grandchildren long enough to see how special she makes them feel– one can read in her eyes how enchanted she is with the wonderful things her grandchildren do. It’s this quality that makes me appreciate and admire her the most. Making another human being feel truly loved and special is a gift from God.

Tomorrow, (9/28) Carol is celebrating her birthday! She’s a blessing to her children, her husband, her grandchildren, and all in her path. She’s charitable and kind, gifts she passed along to her girls. If you get a chance, reach out and wish her a terrific and special day, because her life certainly is one we should all celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAROL!!

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