Mad for…Lisa

Everything that is done out of Love acquires greatness and beauty. (St. Josemaria Escriva)

I got to know the truly remarkable Lisa Gruber a little better while I was in what I referred to as “my Jesus book club”. She was a terrific mom I already knew a little from St. Louis de Montfort, but her love of the Lord as well as her joyful spirit shined through for me in this setting. She’s got a quirky awesome sense of humor too! As she celebrates her birthday tomorrow, she’s on my mind as well as my prayer list.

The beautiful thing about our good and gracious God is that He can show us His face through even the most ridiculous and heartbreaking experiences. Lisa has been through several of those. Recently, I’ve been praying for her recovery to health after serious surgery to remove an adrenal tumor. A few years back, we prayed for her after the loss of her son. In both of these instances, her example of faithfulness and grace were inspiring. She’s full up to her eyelids with her real life examples of Mary’s “yes” to our Lord, and I find her to be a gentle, soft-spoken, humorous, and spiritually wise woman.

She’s a loving and phenomenal mom, wife, and friend, plus she never seems to age! I don’t know how she manages that. Lisa is as selfless and grateful as she is holy. She is a first class Jesus lover. If they come to convict Christians, Lisa is in the first round of arrests.

St. Josemaria Escriva wrote “The Way” and in it he advocates for directing daily life and even mundane activities towards the glory of God. That’s why I chose this quote for today as I try to honor Lisa on her birthday weekend! Although we may not stumble upon anything we might consider to be an extraordinary opportunity to grow in holiness in our lives, we can act in the regular day-to-day routine with great love for God. That’s what I see in Lisa. Her small “yes” each day just seems to lead to another and then another….and before long she’s just flat out gone and done something incredible yet again! God’s grace is powerfully present in this stunning, prayerful soul.

As you celebrate your birthday this Labor Day Weekend, Lisa, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being a visible sign of Christ to all of us around you. You truly are His face and His hands. I am inspired by you to work on my own holiness and love of the Lord. I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST BIRTHDAY, BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DESERVES TO BE CELEBRATED!!! Heal quick, my friend!

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