Mad for…Judy

A great man is always willing to be little. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

As I type today’s entry, I’ve just returned home from church. As I sat listening to Fr. Hurley give his homily about the virtue of humility, I knew that was the Lord calling me to write about my aunt, Judy Langdon. She’s pictured below, at right (in green dress). I’ve got no idea why I have this photo or who’s in this shot with her, but I like it because it shows her warm smile and it even seems to convey one of the things I love about her– her beautiful humility.

Growing up, at each and every family event I attended, my Aunt Judy did something that I rarely noticed others doing. She always took a few minutes to sit down next to me and ask me very specific and pointed questions about my life. She wanted to know how my classes were going, and did I like my teacher. She quizzed me about the activities that I was interested in. She left me feeling like I mattered. I saw her do the same with my sister and my cousins too. In all those years, even as I grew and matured, this pattern of hers never changed. One would think that as I got older, I might have thought to turn to her and ask her a few questions too. I don’t think I did. Some of us like the sound of our own voice a tad too much, huh? Aunt Judy is a humble woman. She’s the embodiment of the famous quote by Rick Warren that says, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

At mass today, the gospel was the famous passage from Luke which deals with honor at a banquet. Jesus notices how people jockey for a seat of prominence, and then points out the most desperate scenario/outcome for those who are more about ego than humility– getting noticed for all the wrong reasons. His message is about taking the lowest place on purpose.

My Aunt Judy has never played the ego game. She’s a faithful, gentle, intelligent and godly woman. Also? She’s always had the most amazing green thumb! So many of the most beautiful plants in my own garden are from starts she shared with me. I regret now that I have never previously told her that her quiet kindness and dignity made a big impression on me over the years. Today, as I was listening at church, I realized it was time to correct course and thank her for her beautiful example.

This lovely woman has suffered tremendously in the past year since the tragic loss of her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. I know many of us, her family and friends, continue to keep her as well as my Uncle Roy and the rest of the family in our prayers. God is faithful, though, and His unconditional love lasts forever. I’d like to ask you today to please pray with me for their peace of mind and heart.

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5

5 thoughts on “Mad for…Judy

  1. How blessed you are to have this kind woman as an aunt, friend and mentor. I count myself blessed as well to have know Judy since we were little tykes in Brownies (age 6) and through elementary and high school. Our parents come from the same Midwest community, held the same priceless values of love for family, country and God. I am thrilled to say our friendship continues. God bless all of you in appreciation and prayers for this priceless person you name as “aunt” and I as “friend.”
    Karen (Herdman) Noll

  2. She really did change my life. I was very anxious as a child and had her in 4th grade. She helped me feel welcomed at school, she even nominated me for a leadership program in high school. I went to Australia through that program and went into leadership programs until I graduated. Now that I have children, I want to take them to her house for trick or treating for her popcorn and hot chocolate…. famous hot spot in our family.

  3. Mrs. Langdon was my youngest daughter’s teacher in the third grade. She is a wonderful lady and was a fabulous teacher!
    Judy helped shape her into the intelligent young woman she is today.
    Mrs. Langdon not only educated Lexi she taught her everyday morals too. She helped me raise an upright outstanding child with a mind like sponge. Always wanting more knowledge who strives to be the best!
    Thank you Judy from the bottom of my heart. Please know I am forever grateful.

    Carrie Woodcock

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful tribute to an absolutely beautiful person. Judy and I have been friends since 1965 at Huntertown/Carroll HS days. Our friendship has blossomed into something more than friends, it is now a sisterhood and I am so blessed by it. She is a lady of grace, love and compassion that I will always cherish. Love to Judy and Roy.

  5. Thank you for the article on Judy. She is a beautiful woman and has brought such beauty and knowledge to 3rd graders. My son was among them! Judy always inquired of my boys and I loved seeing her at work everyday from the school office. Prayers from Kansas.❤️

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