Mad for…Anthony

Time and good friends are two things that become more valuable the older you get.

Today is the 15th birthday of one of my all-time favorite kids. Anthony is the youngest of the three Ferrucci brothers, and the son of Steve and Julie. His big brothers, Vincent and Dominic are pretty swell humans too, but it’s this guy who has been a lifelong friend to our Z. In fact, I’ve got some pretty spectacular photos of the two of them together. So, I think I’ll begin with a classic. This is a truly spectacular moment in time photo from their “Power Rangers” days over on Northhampton Drive.

An incredibly intelligent young man, A-train has always been a sports lover. He is a contrarian as a sports fan, however. This kid who has grown up in a Boston loving household in Fishers, Indiana is nevertheless a fan of the following teams: Boise State, St. Louis Blues, and the Baltimore Orioles. What the what?? His bedroom is actually painted in Boise State colors. Don’t ask me why. I’ve been trying to figure him out for years, and I’ve attempted in vain to convert him to a Purdue fan, but he’s an independent thinker. We love you despite your confusion, Anth!

He might say otherwise, but I’ve always thought football was his great passion. However, in whatever sport he chooses, Anthony is an athletically gifted young man. He can throw a mean fastball, toss you out trying to steal second base, and cause havoc on the basketball court as a fierce defender, among other talents. There IS a reason why we call him “A-train” though. On the football field, this kid just keeps his legs moving. He’s aggressive, quick and a kid I always want on my team no matter what the sport– he’s a fierce competitor!

A natural gifted student in the classroom, Anthony is the name you are hoping to hear when they break the kids up in groups and your child reports about the experience, ha?!Things are guaranteed to end well. Not only is he just remarkably smart, but he’s also got a solid work ethic. He’s a young man who is filled with character, integrity and faith.

Over the years, Anth has been a solid friend to many, but certainly exceptionally so to Zach Thieme. As little brothers go, I can’t imagine that Vincent or Dom could hope for a better one either. From the time he was a toddler, this kid was tagging along and cheering hard for whatever teams his brothers were on. He’s got a terrific smile, and it’s hard to resist teasing him because of his super giggle and great sense of humor.

During their grade school years, Anthony often spent the night here, and the reverse situation happened quite a bit as well. Those two boys, Z and Anth, would disappear for hours, entertaining themselves by competing against each other in whatever creative sporting competition they could invent. We only heard from them when they got hungry. We never worried or needed to intervene when Anth was around because he was and is now just a solid human being.

I can’t wait to cheer Anthony on these next four years as he makes his way through Guerin Catholic. He will undoubtedly make his mark as a Golden Eagle both in the classroom and on the athletic fields. Young men who love the Lord and always give their best effort like this one are precisely what we hope for as parents. I know Steve and Julie are very proud of him, as well they should be!

As you celebrate your birthday today, Anthony, I just wanted to take a moment to remind you how much our family loves and appreciates you! I couldn’t resist finishing my tribute with this “thumbs up” picture, ala Nick and Vin. All 5 of us here at the Thieme house are grateful to have such a quality young man in our lives. You definitely add your own brand of positivity and fun everywhere you go! GOOD LUCK to you for the remainder of your first high school football season, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LOVE YOU, A-TRAIN!! GO, GOLDEN EAGLES!!

What a great favor God does to those he places in the company of good people! –St. Teresa of Avila

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