Mad for…Anna

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. (M. Hale)

Tom and I lived in the Lakes of Hazel Dell subdivision in Carmel, Indiana for about a dozen years on a little street called Garden Gate Way. We became friends with many of the neighbors during that time, including the Grace family from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who lived 3 doors down. I actually wrote about Bill Grace in this very column a few weeks back. We learned a lot about the LSU Tigers from Bill and Leslee Grace and their girls during those years, as well as the proper way to spell “GEAUX TIGERS”. How did I do, Anna Zwiebel??

The incredibly intelligent, athletic, and thoughtful young woman from Louisville, Kentucky that you see pictured above is a senior setter on the LSU volleyball team. I think they open their season TONIGHT. She’s bright, fun, positive, stunningly beautiful and energetic. She’s never met “Mayor” Bill or his wife, Les. However, when I shared with Anna about how my friends lost their home when lightening struck the house, hitting a gas line, and that they essentially lost everything, she was eager to learn how she could help. “Well these people are the biggest LSU fans I have ever met,” I explained.

So, at the busiest possible time for this young woman preparing for her final college volleyball season, she stopped what she was doing and helped me gather some cool new LSU gear for the Graces, and then she shipped it to me so we could hopefully bring them a smile during their journey to rebuild. I know it’s shocking, but there’s not a lot of access to LSU gear here in central Indiana, so this assist was pretty clutch. While it’s true one can’t replace a lifetime full of truly obnoxious LSU clothing, flags, cornhole boards, household items and the like overnight, with Anna’s help, they are on their way!

Anna Zwiebel is a special human being with remarkable leadership skills and a passion for life. She’s the daughter of Lee Ann and Rob and the older sister to another glorious soul named Lara. It’s a tad convoluted how I came to know her, but essentially it amounts to my friendship with her Aunt Lisa. When she graduates from LSU this year and heads off to PA school, it will truly be LSU’s loss…because her light shines so brightly! However, Anna’s represented the Tigers with class for sure! I’ve watched her be a supportive teammate, a loving daughter, sister, niece and friend over the years. She’s a selfless person with a beautiful heart. She’s the kind of young woman who helps out a couple total strangers with the gift of her time, expecting nothing in return, because it’s the compassionate, thoughtful thing to do.

I am not sure where life will take you next, Anna, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that wherever you land, you will continue to make the world around you a better place by the way you live your life. That’s just how you roll. GOOD LUCK to you and the entire LSU Volleyball team this season. GEAUX TIGERS!!

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