Mad for…Sandy

What a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people! (St. Teresa of Avila)

Colorful hydrangeas, rough-looking men cleaning fish, and sweet winery snapshots like the one above from the great state of Michigan have been filing into my text stream from Mom this week. She’s on a girls trip, and she’s been joined by the lively and convivial Sandy Meshberger! As friends go, my mother has a batch of pretty terrific gals in her corner, and one of my absolute favorites is Sandy, who is pictured above! They appear to be taking in a lot of the very best parts of one of my favorite states! If you’ve never been to Michigan in the summertime, you are missing out!

Sandy is the mother of two grown children, Chad and Danielle, and the wife of super guy named Harry. Based on the quantity of adorable pictures at her disposal, she’s also an all-star grandma, and truly just an enjoyable, caring and cheerful soul. Mom and Sandy have let me tag along on a few of their shopping and frolicking dates over the years. Frankly, it did me an awful lot of good to get to know her better because it now makes my heart happy to hear mom say she and Sandy are out and about! There’s just not one disagreeable thing about this sunny gal who offers quick and contagious laughter as well as affirming words to those around her. I don’t know a single person who couldn’t use a thoughtful and bright friend like Sandy! She also has just amazing taste in well…everything! I could use her help as a personal shopper FOR SURE!

Sandy Meshberger is the kind of friend who overlooks the broken chair on your porch and notices the glorious geraniums instead. She’s a positive and joyful person. If you’re ever around her, be sure to ask her to tell you the story of how she met Tomisue Hilbert. I don’t want to share it here, because you’d be missing the fun of hearing Sandy at her storytelling best! As I type, I can still hear her cackling and see the twinkle in her eye! She’s engaging and just plain fun.

When you’re with good friends, the time passes quickly. That is the kind of friend Sandy seems to me to be. She’s warm and kind. I hope for many years to come, Mom and Sandy will be blowing up my phone with pictures of their great adventures together! Thanks, Sandy, for being such an inspiring example of what a fantastic friend looks like! I want to be like you when I grow up, ha?!

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