Mad for…Melissa

Joy is a sign of generosity. When you are full of joy, you move faster and you want to go about doing good to everyone. St. (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta

About a year ago or so, my youngest son, Zach, took up the sport of tennis. He’s now a freshman at Guerin Catholic and he’s been busy learning the routine of high school, meeting new people, and playing on the GC tennis team. It’s remarkable how many times I have had the pleasure of getting to meet amazing folks through the adventures undertaken by my three silly sons. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful woman I recently met named Melissa Kolb. I wish I would have thought to take her picture while she was cheering on her son Jak at the GC tennis courts today, but I didn’t. She’s pictured above in an old photo I was able to drum up. She’s just as gorgeous in person!

I have only just met Melissa but she has inspired me by her radiance. This is a joyful and generous woman. At each match we have attended, she has taken a few minutes to say hello and we’ve gotten just a little more acquainted. Melissa is a cheerful, sunny woman. She is also the team mom. As a veteran at the team mom gig, I can tell you that these are roles filled with responsibilities as well as a significant commitment of time. Generously, she has shared her organizational genius with the 35 or so families in the program, making sure our boys get a bite to eat after school before weeknight matches– and she’s a phenomenal communicator as well.

I chose this famous Mother Teresa quote today because when I read it this evening, I thought of Melissa! I knew she was a generous and kind woman before I even met her, based on her offering of time and the sacrifices she had already made for the benefit of other GC tennis families and young men. Then, when I spoke to her in person, she just had the most engaging and truly upbeat personality. She’s both graceful and effervescent, which is a tricky combination to pull off.

Not knowing her as well as I’d like just yet, I can’t say for sure what kind of mom and wife she is, but I’d be willing to put money on the fact that anyone who finds themselves a regular in her path is blessed beyond measure. It seems like a pretty sure bet!

Thanks for the generous and joyful way you make your way through life, Melissa. You are charming, winsome and lovely and I find your positivity inspiring! You can count me a fan already. Congrats to your handsome boy for the success he had on the court today! GO GOLDEN EAGLES!!

2 thoughts on “Mad for…Melissa

  1. I have been privileged to know Melissa for more than a decade. “Charming, winsome, and lovely” are PERFECT words to describe her. What a blessing she is.

  2. I had the privilege of meeting Melissa when we were both 10-years-old. I was the new kid at school and she reached her hand out so the new kid would have a friend. After that came ballet classes, sleep-overs, appendicitis, graduation, weddings, etc. Thirty-three years later, life has placed us very far apart (I live in Argentina at the moment) and we rarely get to see each other, but Melissa and her family maintain a very special place in my heart. She is GOOD with a capital “G” through and through. The more I travel and move from place to place, the more I realize how special and rare it is to find someone who goes out of their way to make others feel welcome and included. Even after so many years apart, I still miss Melissa’s friendship very much but I am comforted by the knowledge that, when we do meet again, it will be as if no time has passed. I am forever grateful to God for having put Melissa and her beautiful family in my path.

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