Mad for…Rhett

The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give. (Howard Cossell)

Above: Tom and Nick with Rhett and Rhys Helt down at Assembly Hall for a Boilermakers vs. Hoosiers match up. Who won that game, Rhett? Can you recall?

It’s to my oldest son that I owe the blessing of many of my most treasured friendships. He’s had a knack over the years of picking quality young men to surround himself with, and often I have grown close to the parents of said terrific gentlemen. (Pictured above are: front row- Rhett Helt, Vincent Ferrucci and Cole Hepp, and in the back row are Christian Daniels and my Nick.) That is certainly the case with the Helt family. Tom and I became friends with Rhys and Chris Helt because of their oldest son, Rhett. He’s pictured above in the red Wabash t-shirt during his senior year at Guerin Catholic High School.

Rhett and Nick played basketball together at GC. Handsome and passionately competitive is this young man, and I’ll admit that I was NOT a fan right out of the box. On the court, he had a hot temper sometimes. When Nick started talking about his new friend during their freshman year of high school and I realized who he meant, I said something like, “Oh my goodness, that kid with the temper? Seriously?” Nick replied reassuringly, “Mom. I promise you will like him. He’s not like that at all off the court. He’s a great guy and you will love him.” Love him, I certainly do. He won me over with his winning smile and we have laughed a few times over my initial leanings!

Rhett complies with all momma hugging requirements and is entertaining to talk to as well! He’s a Miami Dolphins fan for reasons I cannot still figure out, but also a fan of just almost all sports. He’ll be glad to give you an expert opinion on any sports related topic, whether it’s the PGA tour, the NFL, NBA…you name it and he’s got all the skinny you’d ever need and more! Like me, he’s not shy to share his point of view. That always makes chats with Rhett a lot of laughs! While he no longer plays college basketball at Wabash, Rhett is still one of the most competitive humans I have ever met. Even if it’s just a round of golf with buddies, there’s guaranteed to be some money on the line if you’re playing with today’s birthday boy! Sports are serious business to this young college senior!

Rhett Helt has a good heart. I admire the way he loves his family and how they all support each other in all things. He’s a fine friend to many and a young man of character. As he finishes up his college experience this year at Wabash College, I know the future is bright for Rhett. We are grateful to count Rhett, his little brother Rhye, and his parents as dear friends. On your birthday today, Rhett, I wanted to just send you this little shout to let you know that we love you and we hope your day is a special one!

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