Mad for…Kim

Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries. (Jimmy Carter)

July 19, 2019– This week, the 5 of us have been on vacation in South Carolina. Since Saturday, we’ve been staying at a beautiful condo on the ocean in Palmetto Dunes. Most mornings, the four guys have headed to the golf course while I head to the beach to read. However, this morning, we went another way!

We traveled today to the Coastal Discovery Museum and took an Eco-Tour on Segways! That’s where we met our lovely tour guide, Kim! Kim, who is a Georgia native, has lived for some time on Hilton Head, and she was an extremely knowledgeable and friendly gal. She reminded me so much of my friend Mary Hansen with her voice and mannerisms, and also she kind of even looked a bit like Mary.

What made Kim special was the enthusiastic and passionate way she shared with us about everything from the native horses to the live oaks, and the oyster shells being collected from island restaurants to preserve the reefs. We learned that over 500,000 trees on the island were lost during Hurricane Hugo, which didn’t hit the island directly but packed a big wallop all the same.

Tom had previously ridden a Segway, but the other 4 of us had not. I was a bit nervous that my balance wouldn’t be up to the task, but Kim was patient and confident and I was able to get the hang of it in no time at all.

Clearly a lover of nature and the environment as well as all things historic, Kim made our morning a terrific experience with her positivity! If you are ever here and looking for something fresh to try, I highly recommend Segway of Hilton Head Island…and ask for Kim!!

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