Mad for…Michelle, Polly and Kristy!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. (Nelson Mandela)

Above: Michelle Mates and her gorgeous boys

Above: The Thomas Family

Above: The Worthingtons

I’m breaking with “Mad for” tradition today and celebrating THREE amazing women this evening. Let me explain. This morning I woke at 5:40am in Hilton Head Island, and as I type now it’s nearly 10pm in Carmel, Indiana. Most of the intervening hours I was sitting shotgun in my Dodge Durango as Tom guided us safely home across the (very hot) eastern portion of this great nation. This gave me PLENTY of time to scroll through my emails as well as my Facebook feed. It was then that I noticed something really AWESOME. I kept thinking about it as the hours passed, and then I decided that must be the Holy Spirit leading me to where I am right this moment– attempting to celebrate the impressive accomplishments of these terrific moms who clearly have a passion for learning!

My friends, Michelle Mates, Polly Thomas, and Kristy Worthington are collectively the mothers to 11 children. As they have been working and raising their families for the last few years, they have been studying for their master’s degrees! Each of them finished up their work in recent days, and I just wanted to take a moment to say how incredibly impressive this is to me!

I suppose I do believe that if you are eager and determined to learn, nothing and no one can stand in your way. Still, to be in the midst of raising young families and to successfully get masters degrees in Social Work (Michelle) and Education (Polly and Kristy)…well…color me dazzled!

Michelle is a beautiful, articulate and funny woman with an hilariously sarcastic sense of humor. I met her working in the lunchroom at our kid’s school which does create excellent fodder for amusement. Her positivity is palpable and she’s easy to be around. She was passing out lunch plates at SLDM, raising 3 boys with her husband, Marty Mates, working at the time to help young children by providing prevention education in youth abuse, and completing her Master’s degree. What a slacker, ha?!

Polly Thomas is the gorgeous, faith-filled and highly intelligent mom to 5 and the wife of Eric. She’s a terrific teacher at St. Louis de Montfort. So, she’s been completing her Master’s in education at Ball State while grading papers and getting FIVE young people to and from school and all their various events? I could barely hold it together with three sons and I don’t have a teaching gig or master’s classes to manage. Polly….just WOW! You are the real deal!

Kristy Worthington I have mentioned to you before. She’s one of the sunniest humans I’ve ever encountered. Honestly, her three kiddos and Joel are just beyond blessed. How did she manage to keep her poise and patience in the classroom and continue to ooze faithfulness while holding down a full time job as a teacher, raising 3 amazing kids and taking classes of her own? Girl, I am just in awe!

Tonight, I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS, LADIES!! All three of you have set the bar high with your character and intelligence. I think Jesus is looking down smiling at all three of you and your incredible work ethic as well as the witness you have given to all around you with your life and your accomplishments! WAY TO GO!!

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