Mad for…Lauren

There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter and noise. (Brian Andreas)

July 18, 2019– Of all the moms I know, and there are many, Lauren Ayers is on the top of my list of the ones I most admire. She has bad days, awesome days, typical ones and super mom days. What makes her special is the way she seems to love and embrace the real, crazy, chaotic work of motherhood. In the midst of the mess, she has an inner peacefulness about her that speaks to me of her belief in God which somehow helps her know interiorly that she’s doing better than she sometimes thinks she is.

Like moms everywhere, Lauren constantly puts the needs of others ahead of her own. How can she not? She’s the mother of 6! Those boys and little Mary are a handful. However, I’ve been watching her for years teach the hard lessons, over and over again. She’s a patient woman of God who sees the big picture– the heartbeat of the Ayers household. I’m sure her husband, Anthony would agree. How she gets 6 kids reasonably dressed and makes it to mass every weekend with them, I have zero clue!

Lauren is a competitive woman from Michigan, a Butler grad, and she’s got a super sense of humor and a great smile which help her through life. It’s fun to watch games with her, because the woman can get fired up! I love it!! She’s incredibly beautiful, even with no makeup and her hair pulled in a ponytail while she’s dusting off the skinned knees of one of her kids.

When she’s tired, she keeps going. When she’s overwhelmed, she persists. She’s amazing, wonderful, and a life changer for those young, gorgeous kiddos. She’s their glue person, the proverbial “default parent”. As they say, if you aren’t sure you are the default parent, then you aren’t!! With a big brood to care for, that’s a lot of jobs defaulting to my friend Lauren.

I just wanted to reach out today and let you know, Lauren, in case no one mentioned it today…YOU ARE A GREAT MOM! Sometimes, it’s nice to hear it out loud. The Lord loves the way you shine, my friend!

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