Mad for…Cassidy

The great thing to remember is that while our feelings come and go, God’s love does not. –CS Lewis

Day 86 of 365.

I’m not sure whether I mentioned it or not, but this week, SO MANY people I know are celebrating their birthdays…and today I am looking to shine a little light on an amazing woman who happens to share my birthday! It’s a festival, Cassidy, so let the celebration continue!!

Above right, meet Cassidy Samuelson. She’s standing here with a former student named Kate. I am going to digress for a moment and mention that BOTH of these lovely ladies have some serious pipes. Goodness can they sing like angels!! Cassidy is a junior high literature teacher. As a word lover and someone who has been known to devour books myself, I feel a little bit of a kindred spirit in this gal with whom I share March 24th as a special day.

Cassidy connects well with junior high kiddos because she is both joyful and sarcastic. It’s a unique and stunningly awesome combination! She knows how to have fun but she also knows how to manage a classroom full of hormonal chaos with a sense of humor. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she is kind and full of compassion. With Cassidy’s aid, my talented niece Katie LaReau was able to get a speech team off the ground at St. Louis de Montfort Catholic School. Now, with Cassidy’s leadership, in just a couple of years, a group full of Speech team kiddos from SLDM have worked themselves into much success and a few trophies as well! I’m pretty sure they even WON at the Westfield Speech meet! I’ve spoken to many of kids on the team and they all talk about how they know Miss Samuelson is so proud of them. Their faces beam with pride. Nothing beats a teacher who cares!! Teachers are heroes in my book, and this woman is a gem!

I chose the quote above to celebrate Cassidy today because it’s one I wrote down after seeing it posted on her Facebook page a while back. In fact, she seems to enjoy inspiring spiritual quotes, as there are many in this vain that pop up now and then on her page. I watch for them. They seem to find me on days that I need to be reminded about just how much we are loved by the Lord. Her simple sharing has often affected me profoundly, a thing I have never shared with her– until now!

Cassidy, I admire how much you love your family, your students and the Lord. Each time you cantor even a single song at mass, I leave feeling blessed. My sons have been so fortunate to have such a truly caring teacher who is passionate about what she does each day. Thank you for all you do each day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (FESTIVAL)!

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