Mad for…Maggie

Kindness is like snow- it beautifies everything it covers. -Kahlil Gibran Central Indiana is covered in a blanket of white today. Haltingly, we inched our way this morning from our home in Hamilton County to the far south side of Indianapolis so… Read More

The Knee Brace

Meandering across the church parking lot waiting for kids to come out of school, I ran into another carpool mom, a woman with whom I am familiar, but we are not close friends. Oh gosh! What happened to your knee? Are you… Read More

Be Like Will.

Ummm…Drew?  Did I hear the doorbell ring at 11:30 last night? Yeah, Mom.  You did.   All you need to know is that Oby is an amazing friend!  I gotta go!! Ok, then.  Have a great day, D! The above conversation was one… Read More

Your Sweater’s on Inside Out

Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.  –CS Lewis. Typically, my neighbor schleps Zach to school each morning.  I’m the afternoon shift.  The carpool pickup slot has some cons to consider… waiting endlessly in a parking lot,… Read More

An Open Letter to my Catholic Friends…

Dear Friends, I’m going to be honest. Humor eludes me today. At the grocery store this morning, I overheard half of a conversation that bothered me. “I know Ann, I gotta go because I am at the grocery now, but I don’t… Read More

Just hand over the chocolate…

“It must be nice to live in your optimistic, sunny damn world.” That was the insult hurled at me by my truly handy husband at the moment of his exasperation.  He was in the middle of hanging a very large TV from… Read More

Eagle Eyes

“His hemoglobin is at 7?  What does that mean?” “Well, as you know he threw up blood, and his numbers being what they are….what we know is that he is bleeding.” “So what course of action are you thinking is needed, Doc?”… Read More

Losing Shannon

Dear Jesus, I do trust You, but I don’t get it. I know You love us, but wrapping my head around this is impossible. She is with You now, in arms more loving than I can imagine. Help us to trust in… Read More

Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord!

Imagine if you will the horror of being a 14-yr old high school freshman and being asked to play the guitar at an all-school mass the very first week of school.  Nobody knows who you are yet and the first impression they… Read More

It’s Up to You- No More Than Two

“It’s up to you, no more than two.” In an apparent attempt to “educate” the students entrusted to their care, the powers that be at Northview High School (right here in Indiana….Brazil, Indiana to be exact) have posted this banner.  The title… Read More