Mad for…Joey

“I wish to sow courage, hope and enthusiasm…” -St. Pope John Paul II

Day 58 of 365.

Meet Joey Cobb. She’s the mother of Jensen and the wife to Cam. She’s a small town girl at heart who now lives in Carmel. She’s been teaching PE at St. Louis de Montfort Catholic School for as long as I can remember. I have been observing her since my 21 year old college junior was a little guy in his navy blue school uniform pants, and also prior to the arrival of her athletic and boisterous son you see pictured above. I swear to you, she’s not aged one ounce in this time. It’s truly unfair.

The world has this idea of what beauty is, and as you can see from her smile which lights up the page, Joey is certainly that. However, the reason I think she is breath-taking and altogether beautiful has much more to do with the content of her heart and her character. Can you imagine trying to know the names of nearly 500 students? Well, like most elementary schools, SLDM has only one PE teacher. This one is creative, joyful, enthusiastic and fun! Also, she knows her students. All of them. They matter to her and the children know that. She’s genuine and impressive.

Joey loves country music, cheering for her little athlete, and she loves weekends at the lake. She’s into boating and tennis and laughing. Joey is a joyful person, and a shining light with a lovely disposition. One needs that when attempting to “herd cats”, which is what it looks to me like one must do when teaching physical education to pre-schoolers. Also, she’s got to design meaningful curriculum IN A GYM for hormonal 14-year old 8th graders that leave them in one piece at the end of class. That’s a skill set that crosses a wide swath, folks. It gives me hives thinking about it, if I’m honest.

Mrs. Cobb has long been a favorite of SLDM kiddos, and it’s not simply because PE is widely considered to be the greatest subject school ever invented (this according to my extremely unscientific survey). It’s because Joey loves the children. You can’t fake that.

Joey, I’m LOOOONG overdue to say THANK YOU for the kindness you have shown the Thieme boys and many hundreds of families over many years. You, my dear woman, are an altogether beautiful human being! We are grateful for you!

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