Mad for…Chase

A sense of humor…is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life. — Hugh Sidey

Day 59 of 365.

As I sit here watching the Xavier vs. St. John’s basketball game, I find it impossible not to think of my sports loving oldest son and his Muskie friends down in Cincy. That led me to the decision to write about Chase Barrett today.

The consummate extrovert, Chase is a clown who’s never met a stranger. He’s gregarious, approachable and unrestrained. He’s a fanatical sports fan with a sense of humor that I simply can’t do justice to here. Knowing he’s down there in Cincy with Nick means I never worry things are dull and I am certain smiling is always going to be part of the situation.

Everyone needs a friend like Chase, but not because of the reasons I’ve shared above. As fantastic as they are, the thing that stands out to me the most about Chase is his kindness and the quality of his character. Allow me to share with you how I know this.

Not long after Nick began his studies at Xavier, and long before they became close friends, Nick found himself in no small amount of pain. He ended up in the ER at nearby Good Samaritan Hospital. This young Muskie, Chase Barrett, began texting me from the hospital. What we thought would be a very short visit ended up lasting most the night– it was kidney stones. I was a few hours away, too late to get myself there in time to help. This kid (and another friend, Ben) stayed up all night and reported in often to this very worried mom until I could get to Nick. The compassion and integrity that demonstrated speaks much more loudly than I could about what kind of caring young man he is.

I could share more about the quality young adult that is Chase Barrett, but I believe it’s clear enough now. Chase? THANK YOU for looking out for my silly son and for being a light, providing sunshine to everyone around you. There’s always a hot meal and a warm bed for you whenever you visit Indy, kiddo. For you, I am grateful! LET’S GO X!!!

3 thoughts on “Mad for…Chase

  1. Thank you for the wonderful comments about Chase … Being his mother , I always proud of the man he has become ..Hearing someone express the same is heart warming … thank you

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