Mad for…Kate

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. (Mt. 11:28)

I find so many times that I meet fabulous people through other amazing folks. That’s the case for me with Kate Bender. Kate and I have a friend in common, and that’s how I’ve come to know her and her truly fantastic family. Her birthday was yesterday, but I am once again choosing the “festival” approach celebrating the lives of those around me. She’s pictured above (yesterday, on her actual birthday) with her son Thomas who made her that gorgeous cheesecake for the occasion!!

Kate is a faith-filled mom, wife and daughter. Though I’ve not had the pleasure of hearing her perform in person, I understand she’s also a talented musician, a trait that seems to run in her family. It’s her son, “T” that I know the best, and by watching this little man, so talented and filled with character and integrity, it’s easy to see what a beautiful mother she is to her sons. He’s polite, articulate and kind. Just in case you weren’t aware, this does not happen on it’s own. Only a Christ centered woman raises a kid of this caliber!

A couple years ago, I reached out to Kate for some prayerful aid for the mother of our mutual friend, Lisa Houze. Kate’s overwhelming and immediate offer to join in our “Spiritual Bouquet” for Ann Kalmey truly left me with a lump in my throat. Her response was so instant and compassionate that it left an imprint on my heart that day. I’ll be candid and admit I had a similar response when she took the time the day before yesterday to reach out to me on my special day with the MOST KIND words. As a gal who values words, it meant everything. What goes around, comes around Mrs. Bender!

I chose the little bit of scripture that I did for Kate today because I know that the loss of her own mother was just incredibly difficult for her and the entire family. I’ve been watching from afar as the family supports one another through their grief and also celebrates their terrific memories together. I admit it’s my habit to people watch, as I often find that God teaches me quiet and important lessons about His goodness and love in this way. It’s no small witness that has been provided to me by Kate and her guys at the Bender house.

When I’m sure it felt to Kate like life was falling apart at the seams, I watched her run to the Lord. Her weary heart, I’m sure felt frayed. However, Kate never fails to greet others with a smile. Her warmth is genuine and her heart is beautiful. Kate Bender, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL! I feel so blessed to know you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (WEEK), KATE! I vote that the two of us call it our festival until the end of the month? What do you say?!

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