Mad for…Ted

A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation or being together. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never part. (Unknown)

Our roots will always be tangled, and the truth of that makes me smile. Meet Ted Stumpf. In the photo of two pretty handsome guys above, the completely lovely Xavier Plascencia is on the left and my lifelong friend, Teddy Bear, is that tall drink of water on the right.

When we were kids, our two families were inseparable. All of our summer vacations and every New Year’s Eve were spent together. Ted’s an only child, and I have one younger sister, Robin. The three of us were often left to our own devices for many hours on end, and one of our favorite pastimes when we were little was playing “office”. My poor sis was left in the outer office, permanent secretary of this fictitious corporation, and Ted and I were, naturally, Co-Presidents. Neither of us had any desire to be anyone’s underling, that’s for sure. We were nerdy type A kids, ya think? Honestly, I don’t know why my amazing sis, the great Robino, put up with us and our bossing for years on end. We might have been a tad insufferable. However, we three were always happy being together.

There were several years of “junior naturalist” certifications from the Kentucky State Park system that were earned in classes we attended, of our own volition, while our parents slept in during trips I will not soon forget. We organized talent shows, plays and other creative adventures each New Year’s eve. What I’m trying to say is that Ted was a groomsman in my wedding because, frankly, I think of him as my brother. I will love him always.

Ted’s got a BIG personality. On the trolley ride from St. Lawrence Church to the wedding reception destination, it was Theo that decided we should stop for more champagne– like a LOT OF IT. My memories are a tad hazy, therefore, about our arrival, but I do recall my mother and mother-in-law glaring just a tiny bit at our obvious shenanigans. Also, I recall lots of smiling and giggling and fun. That’s my Teddy Bear. He knows how to throw a party, and he knows how to enjoy one!

He’s a genius in the kitchen, and he can reorganize interior spaces with the furnishings already present, and they ALWAYS look incredible. He’s so intelligent– just incredibly bright! He gives the best hugs and has the most genuine smile. Ted has never shied away from hard work, and he’s a man filled with integrity and warmth. He’s compassionate and caring, the kind of guy we all wish we had as a friend.

Ted lives near Napa, CA, which is way too far away for me to give him the in person birthday hug he deserves today. So, this little shout out will have to do. Ted? You are precious, and when the Lord counts up his heavenly treasures, he counts you…just like I do! I love you! Happy Birthday, Ted!!

“…The Lord, your God, has chosen you from all the people on the face of the earth to be specially his own.” –Dt. 14:2

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