Mad for…Chris

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone would give another person, he believed in me. (Jim Valvano)

Quick-witted, intelligent and kind are the words that first come to mind when I think about my brother-in-law, Chris Beck. He’s the husband to my only sibling, my younger sister, Robin, and he’s the dad to my two talented nieces, Maddie and Ellie. Robin and Chris are pictured above.

An Indiana University grad and middle school history teacher, Chris is a tall, lanky and sports-loving guy. A native of the Windy City, Chris is a big Chicago Bears and White Sox fan. He’s the one my dad blames for turning my son, Nick, against the Cubs! Grandpa Jim has definitely lost that young man forever to Uncle Chris’s beloved team from the south side. I’m pretty sure it was that trip to Comiskey when Nick was a little guy that sealed the deal.

He’s a musically gifted person too, and in fact he originally landed at IU to study music. He’s passed his fine arts talent to both of his girls, who excel in the creative and musical arts like their dad. As a father, he is incredibly loving and supportive. He’s funny, well-read guy and he owns a really genuine and contagious laugh. When he smiles, so does the whole room!

Chris is thoughtful and he’s loving, a man of both character and integrity. He genuinely enjoys helping others and it shows in the charitable and generous way he has helped to raise those two incredible girls of his. As a husband, I can’t imagine hoping for a more solid, authentic guy to be a life long partner to my sister, Robin.

His sense of humor and the genuineness that shows in his smile are his defining qualities to me. He’s a top shelf human. He’s also celebrating his birthday today, a date I always remember because it falls on “Scary month, scary day.” I hope your gaggle of gals is celebrating you in a big way today, Chris, because yours is definitely a life worth cheering! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chris!! We love you. ❤️

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