Mad for…Valeria

Be the kind of woman who knows her identity, walks on holy ground, and that’s also unafraid to be free and silly, because life’s too short to be uptight and figured out. (Unknown)

“She has a joyful countenance.” That is what I said when I was asked by a friend if I knew Valeria Pittsford. The truth is, I wish I knew her a little better. We met as a result of being on the Gospel of Life committee together at our parish, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Her eyes smile. To me, that’s the impression I was immediately struck with when I first encountered her.

Articulate, thoughtful and filled with the love of Christ— those things are also true of Valeria. She is a wife and mother of two very blessed young people about whom she’s completely crazy! To work for God and for others with Him is what her life seems to be about. I have known her a short time but I respect and admire her for many reasons, chief among them her authenticity and her faithfulness. She is always willing to go out of her way for the benefit of others.

This week, at our monthly GOL meeting, Valeria did something vulnerable and generous, for instance. She shared with some of us a personal struggle. The genuine and loving way she shared her beautiful story and the knowledge she gained that might help some other folks was moving, but her motivation was truly charitable. She was trying to share with others about helpful tools she felt might prove meaningful. When someone like Valeria unselfishly offers themselves like that, admitting to moments of challenge, I find that I am always moved. It’s clear the Holy Spirit works frequently through this beautiful soul!

Today, I just wanted to take a moment to give Valeria a little shout out. She is a woman who to me aims to follow the example of the saints by the way she lives her life, and I find her a joyful and inspiring example of living, breathing faith. THANK YOU VALERIA!

“Follow the saints, because those who follow them will become saints” (Pope St. Clement I)

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