Mad for…SaraH

Her name is NOT Sara. Nope. She’s SaraH. I capitalized the H for her today, because I know how attached she is to the very important letter at the end of her name. It makes me laugh, so that’s how I entered her contact in my phone. SaraH Funk. She’s pictured above with her handsome husband. Also, she’s a Jesus girl. They are my favorite kind of girls, and today I shared my God wink with her. You, my dear readers, are the next victims.

The Mother of God is our mother. -St. Anselm

I shared with SaraH that I was telling my long time friend this morning about how I have in recent months become quite the rosary girl. I walk everyday and I move the beads at a pretty fair clip, usually inserting the names of folks I am praying for at the end of each Hail Mary. Also, I shared how bugged I am that I can never remember the darn mysteries of the rosary or the particular day upon which they should be said. Nevertheless, I assured her, I am praying one for her each day. Sometimes, I do so incorrectly but I trust Our Blessed Mother knows how to sort it out. At that moment, my friend pulled from her purse the most beautiful rosary that was made for her by Katie Sahm. The mysteries are right there behind Mary on these round little medallions. I found it spectacular, and quite frankly I had a moment. I was so excited about this beautiful rosary, I really didn’t even hesitate much when she handed it to me as a gift. I really was enamored. What made this day even better is that a few hours later I learned that TODAY is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary! What?! I was utterly gotten. The amount “happy” this made me cannot be overstated. It was one of those “you are so loved” moments from the Lord who knows how to give His children good gifts.

I promptly shared my BVM moment and glorious God wink with everyone…because well…I have been known to be an overly dramatic force of nature when provoked? Beautiful, energetic, big-hearted SaraH? She’s in Florida on vacation today, but right away, she got it. She responded with appropriate and timely enthusiasm.

She texted me today, “I’m glad we’re becoming friends. Unusual circumstances really, but I’m glad for it.” I couldn’t agree with you more, SaraH. Friendships that begin over love for others are destined for greatness though? That’s what I think!

Sarah is a Catholic school educator at St. Joan of Arc School in Indianapolis, and we have a mutual friend, Janet, who introduced us. A mother of three, she’s a stunningly beautiful woman exteriorly, but her soul magnifies the Lord too. That’s why I just needed to write about her today. I’ve only known her a short time and yet I am certain without a doubt that she tries to trust in the God who loves us all. She is an authentic woman who genuinely wants the best for the others in her path as they deal with the challenges life throws our way. Her two daughters and her young son are incredibly blessed to have such a positive, intelligent and life-affirming woman as their momma!

Sarah has eyes that twinkle and the love she shares with others is an epic, powerful thing to witness. She’s an encourager and a lover of people. SaraH is funny. Honestly? She’s the sauce. The world is a much better place because this faith-filled woman of character inhabits it with us!

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for SaraH, now and at the hour of death. Amen.

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