Mad for…Jeff

One can know a man from his laugh, and if you like a man’s laugh before you know anything of him, you may confidently say that he is a good man. (F. Dostoevsky)

I dragged my cranky husband a few weeks back to a Guerin Catholic football game at Heritage Christian High School on a Friday night. His work week had been long and he was downright grumpy. What I’ve learned over the course of time is that the only chance we have to shake off a week like that is to do something to distract Tom. I value harmony and am a much bigger fan of “happy Tom” so off we went to the game. My saviors that night included a great guy named Jeff Tabor who owns a glorious, infectious laugh! It was that evening that I decided we have definitely not spent enough time with Jeff and Karen. They make me grin!

Jeff is the husband of a phenomenal woman named Karen and he’s the dad to two terrific boys– Luke and Sam. Both Luke and Sam Tabor are members of the Golden Eagle football team this fall. When we arrived at Heritage Christian for the game, Jeff was standing next to our mutual friend Steve Ferrucci in the top row, and there was just enough room to squeeze in beside them.

His sarcastic wit and genuine smile are my favorite things about Jeff, and I like him despite the fact that he’s a confused man when it comes to college sports. He’s a real, transparent and very funny guy who seems to like the cream and crimson? It’s sad to me, but then no one can be perfect, ha? He wins me over with his kindness. For instance, that night at HC, he tried numerous times to give me his jacket as he noticed I was a little underprepared for the conditions. Needless to say, it was only a few minutes and Tom’s frown was turning the opposite direction after his exposure to the two clowns in the back row. I laughed when Jeff escaped at halftime for a few minutes to go for a beverage and to smoke a cigar. People who don’t try to be anyone they aren’t, who are perfectly comfortable in their own skin like Jeff are rare and wonderful!

I respect Jeff as a father. He’s extremely supportive and I always see him at his sons events, cheering them on. He’s also a charitable guy whose successful law firm has allowed him a lot of choices but who so often chooses to be generous to others with his resources. He’s an Evansville native if my memory serves, but he has lived for some time now in Hamilton County where his sons went to the same grade school (and now high school) as my guys. His youngest son, Sam, is the kiddo I know best and he’s a character-filled young man who is full of personality just like his Dad.

As he celebrates his birthday tomorrow, I just wanted to give Jeff Tabor a little shout out! Happy Birthday to this IU, Colts, Pacers and St. Louis Cardinals fan who knows how to work hard and still be present in a very real way to his family! He’s got a great twinkle in his eye and he’s quick with a smile and a hug. Jeff is flat out authentic and filled with warmth, and he makes the world more joyful! Thanks for sharing your sunshine, Jeff. We’re big fans here at the Thieme house. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF!!

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