Mad for…Carson

Each day I come with a positive attitude, trying to get better. (S. Diggs)

(L to R: Jak Kolb, John Tiplick, Thomas Darland, Carson Kniola and Zach Thieme)

The Thieme family is new to tennis. Our freshman son took up the sport very recently and now finds himself a proud member of the Guerin Catholic team. This youngest son of ours and his young teammates have faced some very stiff competition in recent days. On our varsity squad today were 2 freshmen, 3 sophomores and 2 juniors. The future is bright, but there is still plenty of work ahead. Today reflected the same. It was a long, hot day. However, today was an excellent day for a kid I have grown to really respect— Carson Kniola.

Carson is a sophomore at GC with a very sunny disposition who attended St. Louis de Montfort School in Fishers before he came to GCHS. Intelligent and positive, this is a kid with a smile which never fails him. He’s been in an unenviable position playing singles the last several matches against some truly talented players. If I am being honest, he’s been a little outmatched. It would be easy to be frustrated.

I have no idea what happens at the Kniola home after a particularly difficult loss, but I told his Dad what I want to share with the rest of the world today. From what I can see, Carson never hangs his head. He never stops cheering on his teammates. He has consistently shown by his actions the high quality of his character everyday this fall. I know his parents, Jeff and Pat, must be incredibly proud of him. He’s a fine young man with a bright future! That’s what made it extra cool to see him go 2-1 in Ft. Wayne today and come in 2nd in the tourney!

Don’t you just love when top shelf humans find success? Me too! I find it even more gratifying when it happens with a young person who works hard to have a good attitude and be a fabulous teammate…without a shred of the “disease” of entitlement.

Regardless of what his tennis future brings, Carson will have a beautiful future and continue to bring his light, making a positive difference for others. Jesus smiles at others through this kid. Thanks for being a giant scoop of awesome sauce, Carson! Congrats on a good day in Ft. Wayne!!

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