Mad for…Don

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society. (Billy Graham)

Because my friend, Lisa, and I often talk about our parents behind their backs, I know more about Don Kalmey than he maybe would like! Witty, joyful, intelligent, and athletic, Don is the husband of Ann as well as the father to my dear friend and her siblings, Lee Ann and Doug. He also has several well-loved grandchildren on whom he dotes! I’ve encountered him at MANY sporting events over the years, so I know this first-hand.

Don played college basketball at beautiful Bellarmine University in Louisville. My oldest son, Nick, is still dear friends with Don’s grandson Christian Daniels. When they were in grade school, the Kalmeys hosted the terrific trio– Christian, Nick, and Vinny Ferrucci– for basketball camp and it was then that we discovered more about Don’s alma mater. It’s a very cool campus, by the way. If you’re ever in the Louisville area it’s worth seeing! The boys and their summer hoops camp fun became a tradition they enjoyed for multiple years actually. Who wouldn’t love being completely over-fed and spoiled rotten for a week straight? Don’s terrific sense of humor always made Nick feel welcome…and very much at home. You see, Don Kalmey has some striking similarities to my Dad in the silliness department! That is the ultimate compliment coming from me.

Richly blessed is how I would describe Don Kalmey’s family to have such an integrity-filled man as a husband, father, and grandfather. He and Ann did an amazing job building their beautiful family as they are all faith-filled, terrific humans. Not only that, but I have long noticed something truly special I want to make note of today as I attempt to give him a heartfelt shoutout. My dear friend, Lisa, and her sons (Christian and Malcolm) beam with joy when he is around. His love for them is reflected back in such a lovely way. Its a beautiful and inspiring bond!

Today, I saw the hilarious and slightly creepy photo above on social media. It’s Don and Ann with their granddaughter, Anna, who plays volleyball at LSU. Naturally, they went halfway across the country to see her play. Apparently, they came across this cutout of her which was displayed at Chick-Fil-A and they decided to take a photo of Anna with Anna? It made me laugh!!

I find it hard sometimes to overlook the disfunction and chaos all around me. However, I’m so grateful to be sharing a space in this crazy world with the likes of Don Kalmey who selflessly shares his life, love, parental wisdom, and general “wonderfulness” with the rest of us. He loves the Lord and his family with glorious fierceness. No gift he could give them can ever match those. His is a beautiful soul. I find him utterly inspiring by the way he lives his life. THANK YOU, DON for being you. Carry on!!

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