Mad for…Diane

Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak. (St. Anthony of Padua)

This is my friend Diane Conover. She’s inspiring to me for her steadfastness in faith and today when I read a piece about how much the world is in need of women who know how to do hard and holy things, she came to mind. There is something powerful about her quiet graceful spirit that I find intriguing.

Diane is a beautiful woman with eyes that sparkle. She’s a sensitive and spiritual woman of God who is both tender and gentle. Through grace, she seems to have developed her divinity and nurtured her gifts. She’s also a mom and wife, and her family is certainly blessed to have such a remarkable woman among them everyday!

I met Diane at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, where she’s incredibly generous with her time in practical and meaningful ways. As I was writing this evening, it occurs to me that there’s much more I’d like to know about her. Here’s what I am clear about. She plays a pivotal role on the Gospel of Life committee at OLMC, taking down notes and details for the group. It’s a generous service to the rest of us to have her attend to this important but not glamorous piece of the puzzle, and each time she sends us her terrific email summaries she reminds me I need to be more like her in my life. She is a whiz at handling promotions, and a bright, articulate woman. Diane also teaches NFP, and I am certain she’s made a positive difference for many Catholic couples on their faith journeys.

Our Blessed Mother has a friend in Diane. She’s prayerful and her love of the Lord is obvious. Rather than tiptoe around obstacles to faith, Diane seems to overcome them by focusing on the goodness and generosity of the Lord. The fruits of her prayerful life are clear. She’s anxious to share her time and her gifts with others around her. Diane is one of those rare gems we come across who witness to the fact that the word of God is alive and has the power to transform us.

Thank you for being such a beautiful example of authentic faithfulness, Diane. Knowing you really has helped me desire to conform my own life more closely to the image of Christ. Desire is an important first step, am I right? The world is a much more beautiful place because you are in it, my friend!

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