Mad for…Jackie

This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35)

Are you old enough to remember the old Warner Brothers cartoon, The Road Runner Show? I know, I know, I am revealing my age today. This animated series featured the adventures of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. When I discovered the Road Runner, it was a little later in the game when he appeared with the “wascally wabbit” Bugs Bunny. Nevertheless, the premise was always the same with the Road Runner. He never stopped moving…and always at top speed! Because I decided to honor a plucky woman with seemingly boundless energy today, I very nearly ran a photo of the Road Runner instead of my friend, Jackie Mewborn! She’s too cute to omit her photo, though, so you can see her above with her husband, Mike, and sons Joey and Matt.

Jackie lives nearby and her sons went through both grade school and high school with my guys, although neither of the Mewborn boys were a match for one of my sons, age wise. That did NOT stop me from noticing the force of nature that is their mother! She’s an organizer. Jackie is the kind of gal who will never be accused of standing still too long or spending too much time mulling over an idea– she is a doer of deeds, a woman who gets stuff done! Her laser focus is on what she can do to help the people around her. What’s even better is that she ALWAYS invites others around her into her goodness!

I’ve been roped into all sorts of wonderfulness because of Jackie and her husband, Mike, too over the years. For instance, I had everyone I know buying sleeping bags and books for grade school kiddos in Indy a few winters back. You see, Jackie had decided to make it her mission to see to it that a group of 8 year old students in need each got some meaningful love from the community that year. She made it happen. There have been school and sports fundraisers and meals that were needed by mutual friends, and on and on. When I get an email from Jackie, I generally know she’s up to some “do- gooder” activity and the chances are excellent that I might want to jump on in.

If you’re not sure if you’ve met Jackie, then you probably haven’t. She’s rather unforgettable with her terrific laugh and her unmistakable appeal. She’s fully monogrammed and color coordinated…and absolutely sunny, energetic and filled with positivity. She has never met a stranger and she speaks quickly and at volume! Jackie is the kind of person who doesn’t ever saunter into a group. The uninitiated always look around after she flees the area and ask, “Oh my gosh! Who was that?!” No one ever needs to ask that question twice it seems.

Yesterday, I got another lovely invite from Jackie. She wanted to gather some mutual friends for a drink to laugh, celebrate and honor a friend we all love who died recently and who would have celebrated her birthday on August 24. It was a classic Jackie move– just beautiful!

Do you know the popular church song, “They’ll Know We are Christians By Our Love”? It really makes me think of Jackie Mewborn. It’s a little known fact that the song was inspired by John 13:35 but originates in a phrase that non-believers used to describe the members of the early Church. “Behold, how they love one another.”

If there’s ever a move to convict Christians, then this gal is in real trouble. It’s an open and shut case. Thanks for being a bright light in this world, Jackie! You inspire me by your goodness and faithfulness.

1 thought on “Mad for…Jackie

  1. I am proud to say she is my friend and sister from another mister!! She is an amazing woman, mom and wife! We always get together even though we live far apart because it is worth it to be around such an upbeat, lovable, happy lady!

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