Mad for…Julie

Faithfulness in little things is a big thing. (St. John Crysostom)

Many years ago when our youngest children (my Zach and her Grace) were not yet in school, Julie Olovich and I got to know each other in the babysitting co-op at SLDM. We had older children enrolled at school and we wanted to help out in the lunchroom, so we were members of this little group of moms who took turns working in the lunchroom, or else being the babysitter for the younger siblings. Julie was soft-spoken, positive and filled with kindness every single time I encountered her.

As our children began to grow, her son Matt played some CYO and then high school baseball with my older boys. I am pretty sure there’s actually a CYO Championship baseball banner hanging in the gym at SLDM because Matt Olovich was a one-man archdiocesan baseball wrecking crew. I think he pitched every game we played that undefeated season, if memory serves. There, always nearby was Julie. She could be heard cheering on the other kids just as loudly as she rooted for Matt.

We were in a book club together too. These amazing ladies are still meeting, I think, though I haven’t seen them for some time. The books were always fantastic and faith related reads that opened our eyes up to the love of Christ. Julie was such a warm and gracious contributor at those events. What I most recall is that she seemed to somehow always land on the fact that we should be so grateful– because the Lord loves us no matter how life is coming along, and regardless of obstacles in our path, or how we might fail, say the wrong thing, or just plain stink it up.

Julie is the wife to Ken and the mom to Matt, Ashley and Grace, with whom she is pictured above at Ashley’s recent college graduation. After all these years of running in similar circle, I don’t think I have ever taken the time to let her know how she always inspires me with her positivity, smile, and most importantly her focus on faithfulness. She’s one of those people that flavors the world with the love of Christ by her stunning example of simply treating others well. When you are speaking to Julie, she is uber gracious, paying attention like you are the only person in the room. It is a small thing that makes all the difference to others around her.

Thank you, Julie, for being a person who has frequently served as a reminder to me that the One who loves us is right by our side always. Yours is the face of Christ to so many!! I am a little late to the festival, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your birthday yesterday was a terrific one filled with laughter and lots of smiling!

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