Mad for…Kim

If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing. (1Cor 13:3)

Love is what life is really about. This beautiful woman, pictured above left with her husband, Joe, and daughters, Carly and Kristen, is a phenomenal example of someone who gets it. If you don’t already know her, then it’s my great honor to introduce you to Kim Santucci! Over the years, our paths have crossed now and then as we have several mutual friends. That said, I don’t mean to seem like a creeper, but in Kim’s case that’s probably more accurate than not. Her personality is magnetic, so I’ve kept tabs on her over time, watching from a distance mostly.

She’s the perfect combination of saucy, sassy and smart-alecky! It’s not that she’s at all insolent, Kim is simply a wise woman who seems to instinctively understand what is important. She’s articulate, bold and a lover of the Lord. You know, Jesus never said we needed to be bff’s with everyone, what He calls us to do is LOVE everyone. Kim does an exceptional job of genuinely desiring the best for others. She reminds me by her example that it’s doable to love the way God asks.

Difficult situations or trying people truly are challenges that we can choose to see as opportunities. I’ve witnessed a lot of compassion from Kim in the face of such circumstances over the years. For instance, Kim’s (amazing) godson, Will, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes several years ago. She dug in with Will and his mom, Lisa Oberndorfer to help others facing that same challenge but who have less resources. She serves as COO of Diabetes Will’s Way, which they’ve grown from the ground up…and along the way they have been able to provide grants to well over 100 diabetic young people in need! This is just one small example of how she uses her giftedness to benefit others. (If you’d like to know more about this phenomenal organization, I encourage you to visit

Her daughters, not surprisingly, are remarkable young women– confident, articulate and shiny. You see, they were raised by a sunny, sparkly mama who didn’t allow life and it’s dreary moments to hijack her thoughts or actions. One learns by example. Just as I watched from nearby as she ministered to friends who were ill or in crisis…or who just needed a smile…so did the girls. Kim smiles, she’s funny, and she’s a merciful and loving woman. Because I think the Lord has an irreplaceable role for us to play with our families and in the world, I am certain that the faithful heart and big, warm heart of Kim Santucci opens up others to His amazing love.

Thank you, Kim, for sprinkling blessings to all in your wake! Like you, I sometimes have volume control issues…ha? Here’s the thing. Your heart is loud too!! You are someone whose example of embracing the gifts God gave you to love up the world around you has always inspired me. I’m long overdue to say so! Much love, Santucci!!

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