Mad for…Mary

What a great favor God does to those He places in the company of good people! (St. Teresa of Avila)

Self-sacrificing, friendly, and full of life is how I would describe Mary Bohn in (slightly more than) three words! She’s the wife of Chris, and mother of three who lives in Westfield, Indiana. She is also the grandmother of this handsome little bundle she’s pictured with, above.

Mary is quick with a hug and she has a gorgeous and very genuine smile that lights up a room. Her oldest son, Nathan, is a long-time friend and college roommate to my Nick. It’s hard to believe they will be SENIORS at Xavier University this fall. Gosh that happened too quickly! They played baseball together in high school, which helped to create a common bond of survival among those of us with Guerin Catholic seniors back in 2016…ha?! I respect Mary for the way she puts others before herself and how she seems to genuinely want the best for others. Because of these traits, she’s often the face of Christ to those around her!

Over time, Mary and I have prayed for one another and for each other’s children, and we check in with each other every once in a while. While we aren’t “everyday friends”, I know her to be filled with kindness and faithfulness. She likes to laugh and she has a tremendously welcoming spirit. Her children and husband are incredibly blessed to have such a character and integrity filled woman in their lives!

The last time I spoke to her, she was driving to Ohio to babysit for her precious grandbaby a couple of days a week. What a stunningly selfless and loving sacrifice, I thought! No beauty shines quite as brightly as a good heart. Mary certainly owns one of those! Since today is Mary’s birthday, I felt I was overdue to honor her with a few affirming words. Thank you, Mary, for being a wonderful witness of love to all around you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY BOHN!!

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