Mad for…Colleen

Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. Do not be afraid…” (Luke 12:7)

As my youngest son exited St. Louis de Montfort Catholic School this week and the “SLDM” era comes to a close for our family, I find myself thinking of all the folks that made our experience so positive. I’ve already written about many terrific educators, but teachers are phenomenally special. Therefore, I present you with another great one today. Meet Colleen Bill!

Colleen is pictured above with her very good looking family. She’s just as beautiful in person as she is in the striped dress above at her daughter’s college graduation! Mrs. Bill was Zach’s 4th grade teacher. His year in her classroom was indisputably positive, because Colleen is a consummate professional. Probably it helped Zach bond with her a little that she had a son the same age as Z’s oldest brother, Nick. Jude Bill is pictured at left, above, with his fairly tall mom Colleen beside him. I am not sure how tall he is, but I recall the Cardinals playing against him in CYO ball and he was irrefutably the tallest person in the gym at that time and Z thought he was WAY COOL. It’s funny the things that kids key on with teachers sometimes.

I know that Colleen attended St. Mary’s College and that she’s run the mini-marathon at least once. Other than that, I admit I don’t know a lot about her personally. The Lord, of course, knows every tiny facet of her personality and even the number of hairs on her head! That doesn’t help me today as I look to honor her, but I will share with you a couple of my observations. Zach thrived in Colleen’s classroom because she isn’t dramatic. She’s not a yelling, banging, or overtly spirited person. For him, her stability, compassion and quiet smile made him feel safe and loved in her care.

She’s faith-filled and with terrific strength of spirit. She honors children and their parents too with dignity. Colleen is graceful and she’s a beautiful witness of Christ to others. She’s got a good sense of humor but she doesn’t need to be the center of attention. Like Jesus, she sees the underdog, the easy-to-miss, and the unnoticed in her daily work. That fact is what I always appreciated most about Colleen Bill and never mentioned. So, thank you, Colleen for all the little things you do each day for ALL the children! Yours is a tough job, but you make it look so incredibly easy. You’re a fantastic teacher and a role model I am so pleased my son had the opportunity to spend some time with during his grade school years. More than that, though, you are a thoughtful woman who puts others ahead of herself. We noticed, and we should have said THANK YOU quite a bit sooner!

We know that the Lord loves the way you live like Jesus, and we are grateful for you, Colleen!

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