Mad for…Rhys

One can know a man from his laugh, and if you like a man’s laugh before you know anything of him, you may confidently say that he is a good man. –Dostoyevsky

We’ve been living life a little on the fly this week. The power outage seems to be coming and going, so you’ve got to bob and weave sometimes. What I find is that when plans are foiled by things out of our control, it seems like I often end up liking the day that unfolds even better. Take this evening, for instance. Tom and I ended up taking a drive on a gorgeous sunny evening…and we found ourselves at the Helt farm.

Rhys Helt has been busy building a pond on his property for the last few months. We decided NOT to wait for an invite, but to simply drive on out to the country in Tom’s convertible and take a look. I’m incredibly glad we did! He’s pictured above with his wife and boys on a day when he was a little more spiffy, but I kinda prefer him in his mud covered boots if I’m honest!

When we arrived, Rhys had no idea we were coming, and we caught him driving his skid-steer. That’s apparently the word for this vehicle, pictured below.

As we approached, Rhys sounded his horn and waived, then he pulled around his gorgeous new pond and climbed out of his cool tractor to shine his signature grin, and give us a big dusty hug before waiving us inside and declaring it “snack time” which is evidently synonymous with happy hour.

There’s nothing like a welcoming friend, who is thrilled you showed up unannounced in his backyard and then giggles like a school girl because he’s so darn pleased to see you. Rhys is cheerful, lively guy who reminds me of the Energizer Bunny. He’s a talented and bright investment guy, but in his heart, he’s a dirt under his fingernails farmer. He’s upbeat and playful, and he’s just incredibly pleasant to be around.

Rhys is the husband to my friend Chris and the father of two terrific young men named Rhett and Rhye. I find it incredibly refreshing to spend time around the Helts because their love for one another, and their entire extended family is so evident. They are welcoming and genuine. Their friendship is a blessing and their witness of a happy and holy marriage is just AWESOME!

Rhys, I think you’re the real deal! Your warmth and smile are a blessing in my life and that of Tom and the boys too! Thank you for making me laugh, because laughing is my favorite! We love you, friend…and your whole phenomenal family too!! Also, I just love your gorgeous pond. You ALMOST make me want to learn to drive a tractor…ha?!

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