Mad for…Jennifer

The Lord your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete. (Dt. 16:15)

Many, many years ago, before Jennifer Popovich even had a beautiful daughter named Katie, she was a kindergarten teacher at SLDM. She and Vivian Seaman were the first two teachers our family experienced as Catholic School parents. I look back and laugh a little at both of us and all that we didn’t know or understand at that time. We’ve both learned a little about life since then!

Jennifer is a wife and mom. Above is a photo of her gorgeous family around Christmas time this past year. Her beautiful daughter, Katie, is very nearly a sophomore at Noblesville High School now, and my Nick (her former student) is a SENIOR at Xavier University. Wow, how time seems to be in fast forward!! It’s easy to spot what a terrific mom Jennifer is by the quality of the character of her lovely girl.

These days, Jennifer is a 2nd grade teacher, and she works closely with a dear friend of mine, Julie Ferrucci, who is a teacher’s aide in grade 2 at SLDM. Julie helps me keep up to date on how things are going for the Popovich family and I spy Jennifer from time to time with her little ones in toe at the school. She’s amazing with the kids!

She has spent the better part of two decades now holding, lifting, and otherwise serving the needs of her young students. She’s wiped away countless tears, solved the problem of sticky messes, and untied shoes, and spent a lot of time helping to sacramentally prepare her 2nd graders for their First Holy Communion. She’s firm, but kind, and with a great dry sense of humor– and all the students in her care leave her classroom ready to tackle the big adventure that is 3rd grade.

I admire her tremendously for the way she is able to smile and patiently work with 7 and 8 year olds. That sunny, friendly disposition is quite a feat if you ask me! The world often takes for granted or just doesn’t notice the impactfulness of pros in the classroom like Jennifer, but the Lord sees the work of her hands and He knows. There are few things one can do with their life that would matter more than what Jennifer has been doing each day, year after year!

Thank you, Jennifer Popovich, for the bright light that you are and have been for scores of children, including a couple of Thieme kids! We think you SHINE and SPARKLE!! We will miss seeing your familiar face and genuine smile as we exit SLDM next week.

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