Mad for…Carolyn

“But the saints are never the kind of killjoy spinster aunts who go in for faultfinding and lack all sense of humor. For humor is a mysterious but unmistakable charism inseparable from Catholic faith…” (Hans Urs Von Balthasar)

Cold and gray while spitting rain was our reality today. That’s what mother nature provided us on this Monday after Mother’s Day. Still, it’s the month of Mary, and it’s springtime here in Indiana, and I’m just not quite done honoring moms. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Carolyn Loub.

Like me, Carolyn is a mom of boys. Unless my memory is failing, I think she has four sons. I’ve known her for several years, but we’re not close friends. While she is a Guerin Catholic mom, that’s not how I met her. We met playing tennis. I’ve not had a racquet in my hand for many years, and it’s a little known fact…but I was in fact a tennis player at one time. I played in high school and then after I had the boys, I played for a few years in a women’s league. I feel like Carolyn once told me she hailed from the east coast, perhaps New Jersey? I could definitely be wrong because I might not be all the way there yet, but I definitely have “half-zeimers”.

I swiped this old photo of Carolyn (she’s on the right) with her mother and grandmother, from her Facebook page. She’s an incredibly beautiful woman, huh? My recollections of Carolyn from our tennis time together is that she was always incredibly kind and she was rarely seen without a smile. I’ve run into her a few times at GCHS and she always goes out of her way to be friendly, often filling me in on what is happening with the kids. She’s personable, sunny and bright!

Today, Carolyn added a little flavor to my gray day with her sense of humor. She posted this on social media.

“I just want everyone to know that although my husband and kids didn’t declare it on Facebook yesterday, I am the best mother in the world.”

I could not stop laughing. As the mom of boys and the wife of a really awesome man of few words myself, she touched my funny bone. She went on to explain, in jest, that she just thought she should set everyone straight because there were so many people saying that their wife or mother was the best!

When the sun seems to be hiding, and it’s soggy outside, and I’m digging for my warmest sweatshirt again, a gal just really appreciates a good giggle! It was a superb reminder to me that a sense of humor, a little smile, a tiny note…all those things can be a glimpse of Jesus for others on a gray day. Wherever we go, whatever we do, I propose we follow Carolyn’s lead. I think the Lord loves when we season the world with a dash of silly.

So, my kind, funny, character-filled friend….I thank you for the day brightener!! You are clearly an amazing mother, and a terrific, stunningly gorgeous human being. Thank you for the positivity you sprinkle around wherever you go! The world could use a lot more people like you!

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