Mad for…Mom

The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the love of a mother. St. Therese of Lisieux

She’s selfless, generous, creative, witty– and wicked smart. Also, she was always the “young” mom. It was a pretty cool feature of her during my childhood and once I had my own children it was even more fantastic. In her role as “Grandma Kate”, she’s beyond phenomenal and supportive. My boys ADORE her.

Mom is energetic, up for adventure, she makes me laugh, and she’s always there for me. Always. If I say, “please help” she’s going to be at my side post haste.

This year, we took a trip to Italy together. It was #1 on my bucket list and she made it happen. I’m still without words to express how meaningful that trip was for me.

Kathy Dykhuizen a blessing to so many people, but to me she’s MOM, and a hero in my life. She was younger than my oldest son is now when I was born! That fact is mind blowing to me. She managed to finish college and get her master’s degree while NEVER missing any significant event in my life. And while I am among the most stubborn and impatient humans alive, as far as I know she never left me in a shopping cart and ran for the exit at Payless. It had to be tempting, because I only got worse as I aged. I remember yelling at her as a teenager, “You’re driving me crazy!!” She would always smile and reply, “You don’t have far to be driven.” Geez…I was a pain in the rear. Sorry about that, Mom. You were right, it was a short ride.

She’s an expert on Motown music, key lime pie, and hand dancing. She’s mischievous and laugh out loud funny. She insists on celebrating all the birthdays in a BIG way, and simply MUST BE ON THE WATER on her own special day (August 10th) each year. I adore that she values herself enough to ask for what she wants on the day that her life should be celebrated by us all. She also loves books, movies, bike rides and sitting on the beach during that magic hour before sunset. What’s more important though is that she understands that when you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that really is what it’s all about, ha?

I have never wondered if I am loved by this woman. She’s not a big sloppy hugger like I am, but I knew she treasured me then, and I know it now. I admire many things about her too numerous to work through in this little blog entry but I’ll share this one because it’s a game changer. Mom returns evil with kindness. Not sometimes. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. She’s got a beautiful, forgiving heart. She’s selflessness personified. The Lord blessed me and my sister Robin beyond measure to give us such a stunning mom. She’s beautiful in every way.


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