Mad for…Marilyn

A bend in the road is not the end of the road…unless you fail to make the turn. -Helen Keller

Allow me to introduce you to the uber sparkly and faith-filled Marilyn Crisci. She’s a wife (of over 65 years), along with a mother of a huge brood (I think 10?) and I have no idea how many grandchildren. Above, she’s pictured with granddaughter, Kylie and grandson, Sam. She’s just flat out an inspirational woman, so today, on her 88th birthday, I want to take a moment to acknowledge her in all her colorful, indefatigable awesomeness!

As long as I’ve known her she’s been tenacious and untiring. She is and has always been a bundle of energy– often attending her grandchildren’s events and ever present for family and fun! For years, I would see her out and about taking her very brisk walk near my kid’s grade school, St. Louis de Montfort. I knew she was in her mid-80s when one day (October 6, 2016) I heard from her son, Stan, that his mom was in dire need of prayers. Marilyn had been hit by a car while walking along Hague Rd. in Fishers. Not only had she been hit, but she had sustained very serious and life threatening injuries.

Days and weeks came and went, and the prayer warriors were in overdrive for Marilyn. The doctors at St. Vincent at first were simply not sure if her life could be saved. Then, they decided she’s clearly a fighter so to try and spare her life, they indicated they simply must amputate one of her legs. I will be honest, this news took my breath away. I wondered could a woman of her advanced years recover from such a blow.

Apparently, I didn’t understand the stubborn, tenacious doggedness that is Marilyn Crisci. Now, at the young age of 88, Marilyn is doing just fine, thank you, and back to the business of family weddings and grandkids! I find her perseverance BEYOND INSPIRING. I know many other folks feel the same way, and one of those wonderful humans, my dear friend, Chris Helt, encouraged me to write today about Marilyn in honor of her birthday! I couldn’t be happier to comply with the special request! Thank you, Marilyn, for being a reminder to me that the Lord doesn’t promise easy, but He does promise to be with us ALWAYS.


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