Mad for…Lauren

Joy is the serious business of heaven. –C.S. Lewis

On the right, above, is Lauren Crisci, pictured here with her mom, Michelle (on left).

My Mom usually marks the 18th birthday of those around her by saying inspiring things like, “Well, now you can officially go to the electric chair! Congrats!” HA!!? I think I’ll try going another way today for you if it’s okay, Lauren Crisci?

Lauren is a SENIOR at Guerin Catholic High School in Noblesville, Indiana and she is the middle child of Stan and Michelle Crisci. Her older brother, Sam, is a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati and her younger sister, Kylie, is also a Golden Eagle. As she was growing up, this absolutely beautiful young woman with the joyful heart has been such a pleasure to watch and be around. Since the Criscis were my backdoor neighbors and carpool partners for many years, I have known this outgoing, sassy young lady Lauren since she was very small. I have a few things I’m long overdue to say to this terrific young woman.

You, sweet girl, make the day better for everyone in your wake, and you always have! You are enthusiastic, inspired, friendly, responsible and creative. You are incredibly bright and you project positivity and fun. When you are around, the sun just seems to shine a little brighter. Character-filled, faithful people are always going to notice your sunshine and be drawn to you. I hope you will always be exactly who you are, because it will attract other happy, upbeat people and they will use that same tactic to help you chase away the shadows that may show up in your own life. You are one special and fantastic human.

Lauren, you are a young woman who goes out of her way to smile at and love others. Your genuine happiness for the successes of others is glorious and holy. You never fail to acknowledge people (even dorky former carpool moms) who cross your path. It’s impressive when a young woman is confident and warm enough to realize that saying hello and offering a smile to others is a beautiful gift worth giving! You may not know it, but that warmth and cheerfulness really is a special grace from the Lord.

I truly believe that joy and the ability to share it with others is a great gift from God reserved for special souls. Lauren, the world SO NEEDS people like you. Your smile and warmth always find me feeling grateful to know you and hopeful for the future. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY, LAUREN!!

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