I’ve got quick thumbs and I cannot lie….

OfferitUpMy son texted me after his last final of the trimester this week.  His needs and desires were immediately clear to me after the better part of 2 decades of being his mama.  I’m curious what you think of our interaction.

Kid:  Mom I am so mad. Guidance has changed my whole schedule for the rest of the year.

Oh Lord, let my heart be kind. 

Me:  I trust this injustice largely centers around the fact that your friends are no longer in your classes as opposed to you are not going to meet graduation requirements?

Kid: I’m really mad Mom.

Me:  Well then, great day!  You have been blessed with the opportunity to offer up this horrible alienation from your friends for the good of some deserving person or cause.  I mean, maybe you are the one who is gonna convince God to infuse my sorry rear with grace to stay ON the diet?  Or maybe your sacrifice will help your brother’s pelvic bone heal more quickly or heck…maybe there will be some soul in heaven who was previously in purgatory cuz of you!  #Blessed #Awesome

Kid:  Well thanks for the insight mom.  #Not Funny

I can’t shoot a basketball, and I’m miserable at any math above junior high level.  The “house” part of housewife gives me fits.  It’s true, I’ve been tried and convicted, with cause, of having the attention span of a squirrel.  Parenting with the backdrop of my sarcastic temperament, however, does sometimes entertain me.  It’s one thing I really do like about being me.  Now that we communicate a lot via technology, I admit celebrating my very fast thumbs with excessive giggling on a fairly regular basis.  What I’m trying to say is that I crack myself up.

This exchange made me laugh….BUT it also gave me pause.  I pray that I don’t use my “gifts” for evil.  This tiny episode happened very near another one which also veered near the “sense of entitlement” end of the teenager spectrum.

So, did I nip it in the bud with humor and love….or am I a snarky mom who lacks compassion?  I wonder who among you would disagree with my tactics?  Would you have called the guidance counselor?  Other parents, what say you?

Oh, Lord, let my heart be kind and my children respectful.

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