Mad for…Family

As I pack up the crockpot full of green beans this morning, I find myself grateful for my people. Some of those folks I am related to, and some not. In my mind and heart, they are all truly my family.

For the folks in my life who inspire me by their stunning faithfulness— and there are many— I am grateful. In recent weeks, I feel closer to Jesus because of Katie, Chris M., Chris H., Tina, Lori, Janice, and of course my sarcastic pastor, Fr. Richard. To you fine folks, I tip my Thanksgiving hat.

For my guys— Nick, Drew, and Zach who have taught me so much over the years and who each own beautiful, caring hearts— I love you, I am so proud of you, and I am grateful to call you son!

For my “Shoebox” girls, the Dinner Club crew, the “Love bunch” and the members of my Mom squad— you know who you are. I love you all beyond words. Thank you for doing life with me. Many times each of you has brought joy to my day and a smile to my face. Occasionally, I have even leaned in for much needed encouragement and a hug, and you people never fail to come through. I am thankful for you! Nothing beats “next level” friends who walk alongside us on this journey…am I right, Rhys?

For my parents, the two people who have always and forever shown me unconditional, foolish love and support— “thank you” feels far short of adequate. I love you people madly.

Finally, to my husband, Tom. Look what those 2 teenagers from Lafayette did these last 25 years? Gosh. That happened fast. Words fail today. I truly love you, our family built together day by day, our life. Thanks for always taking me to the door when it’s raining and for knowing I would love to see the Christmas display at Sullivan’s. You’re the bomb. Let’s see what beauty comes next on our little adventure?

As I ride in this Durango on SR 47 headed to Mom and Dad’s, typing this rather inarticulate entry on my cell phone, I have one last thing on my heart. For all who have lost someone they treasured over the past year and who are heading into the first holiday season without that special person, their smile, and their warmth…I am praying for you all today. ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving!! God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!

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