Mad for…Lori

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -St. Catherine of Siena

Interpersonally gifted and spiritually aware, my new friend Lori is a woman I find very intriguing. Quality of life as she sees and describes it is very counter-cultural and centered on holiness. Yet, despite her proclivity to expose all things interior in the human person, she’s also just a stunningly gorgeous woman. She’s the kind of mom and wife who can throw on yoga pants, a sweatshirt and a winter hat and still come through the door just glowing. Her blue eyes sparkle and she is a beautiful human.

Lori is a parishioner at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and I made her acquaintance through my pastor, Fr. Richard. He felt she and I would be a good match, and we are. She is a strong, outspoken woman of faith with significant volume control issues. She doesn’t seem to notice or mind if other people are staring at her, and it makes me not just a little bit queasy sitting with her in the middle of Panera Bread during the height of the lunch rush. Also, though, it makes me laugh at my own insecurities and just let go and let God. Being at a table with her in public reminds me how my teenagers must feel when they are out with me, ha? “Mom, shhhhh!!” That’s what comes to mind!

Articulate, kind and confident. Those are three more fitting adjectives that apply here. Lori has a great laugh and a terrific sense of humor. She cusses a little, which is pretty nearly a pre-requisite to me believing in one’s authenticity. Lori and I have some qualities in common, and a few minutes ago, she texted to share with me a lovely quote that makes me read it and think, A. TO. THE. MEN.

“In prayer, do not do all the talking. If you went into a doctor’s office, you would not rattle off the symptoms and then rush out…You learned to speak by listening, did you not? So, we are not constantly to be yapping in prayer. Sacred Scripture says, ‘Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth.” –Ven. Fulton Sheen

Thank you, Lori for being a remarkably bright person, a laser beam in the night. You’re the genuine article, my friend.

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