Mad for…Sarah

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. (1 John 4:7)

Maybe it’s because she is the youngest child and only daughter in the family, but ever since Sarah Kiffmeyer was a little girl, she’s been fierce. Don’t misunderstand me, she’s not cutthroat or raging in any way, but she’s a relentless and strong young woman. She’s fierce in the very best sense of the word. If I’m assembling a team, I want her on my side. Sarah is athletically gifted and mentally tough. It’s been a joy to watch this wonderful, faith-filled girl grow into a beautiful young woman of integrity.

The daughter of Joe and Julie Kiffmeyer, Sarah is the sister to Andrew, Jimmy and Matt. I’ll admit, I am utterly partial to this entire family. She shares with them all a certain straightforwardness and refreshing goodness. She’s patient, principled and kind. Her loving nature and natural compassion is often on display, never more for me than when she interacts with her brother, Matt. Since she was quite young, she has displayed the kind of humanity and selflessness dealing with others that can only be explained by grace.

Sarah is not only athletic, but she is beautiful and full of sunshine. Her bright smile can light up the whole area. She’s courteous, and incredibly bright– academically gifted for sure. Sarah Kiffmeyer is a young lady of character, morals, and depth. I admire her, and I know her future is incredibly promising. The sky is the limit for Sarah! She’s a freshman at Guerin Catholic High School where she just finished playing her first high school soccer season. She’s a stand out for her attitude and her work ethic in all she takes on in life.

Sarah is pictured below with my son, Zach. They were classmates all through St. Louis de Montfort Catholic School and now at GCHS. Probably, neither of them will be thrilled I’ve posted this 8th grade picture. I’m not sure what was going on here, but even though the shot is a little old, I think they are both completely adorable…so…since it’s my column, I win, ha?

Today, Sarah and her classmates had a day off school after just having finished up finals. I wanted to give her a little shout out today and let her know I SEE YOU, SARAH KIFF! In case no one else has mentioned it yet today, you are a phenomenal human who makes this world a much better place by your presence! I mean that sincerely, despite the fact that you are an IU fan. You know that’s a little hard for me, right? Keep on keeping on, sis…and don’t let those big brothers give you a hard time for a minute!! You are AMAZING. Now, go crush it in the 2nd trimester at GC and GO GOLDEN EAGLES!

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