Mad for…Will

“…and she loved a little boy very, very much, even more than she loved herself.” (Shel Silverstein)

When my three boys were very small, they didn’t have a babysitter very much. Usually, Grandma Kate and Grandpa Jim got the gig. However, they did have one kid who was their favorite, because he was cool guy, a baseball catcher, and he let them wrestle around acting stupid. Boys love that at any age, ha? One time we came home and the boys were sitting on his back pretending they were on horseback. Sheesh. Poor kid. I probably WAY underpaid him. Will Volpe lived 2 doors down from us on Garden Gate Way, so that fact was also a super easy bonus for mom and dad!

Handsome, intelligent and responsible are three quick adjectives that come to mind when I think of William. He’s the son of Mark and Karen Volpe, and the oldest of the Volpe children. He’s pictured, above right, with his brother Mitchell and sister, Sam. He’s a Boilermaker, a Purdue engineer to be specific. I’m not sure who he works for now, but I do know they’ve got a gem in him. Will has always had such a beautiful, warm heart and a bright smile. I can’t escape thinking about him today, as it’s the first birthday he’s celebrating without his mama, my dear friend who thought sun rose and the moon set on this young man and his two siblings. His mom and I used to talk about him behind his back a lot. It’s what moms do. Sometimes she worried about him, but mostly, just the thought of him made her smile and count her blessings. She was overwhelmed to tears in my presence, with pride about being his mother…many times.

Life has hard times and it has good times. I’ve noticed over the years that Will simply seems stronger, more kind, and more independent no matter the circumstance. There’s an endearing tenderness about this young man. Karen used to say “Will was a blessing from the start.” She adored his smile, and she cherished his hugs. I know she’s watching down on him today, showering him with abundant grace from her perch on high. I’m also certain he’s missing the hell out of her today. Me too, Will. I’m learning, ever so slowly, that grief is really just love, deep abiding love.

William Volpe is capable, hard-working and integrity-filled. He’s respectful and he’s got a great laugh. He is loved by MANY, most certainly including the Thieme family. We are SO PROUD of you, Will and we hope you celebrate in a big way, because yours is a life certainly worth celebrating!


1 thought on “Mad for…Will

  1. Shelly you are such a gifted and insightful writer. I love reading your words about the Volpes as you capture their essence so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your gift. – Your fan, Margaret

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