Mad for…Katie

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. (Amelia Earhart)

Her defining quality, according to my youngest son, is her kindness. When I asked Zach how I should describe his cousin, Katie LaReau, he said, “Well, she’s basically the kindest person I know.” I quite agree. Sunny, articulate and full of life, Katie is the owner of a stunningly beautiful smile and a gloriously positive disposition. I am so proud to be her aunt!

She’s the daughter of Jennie and Jerome LaReau (with whom she’s pictured above) and a parishioner at St. Louis de Montfort Catholic Church in Fishers. Her mom, Jennie, is my husband Tom’s oldest sister. Katie is faith-filled and it shows in the beautiful way she lives her life each day as well as how she treats others. She’s incredibly bright and has an impressive work ethic to go along with her intellect. Responsible and trustworthy, this young woman has a very promising future ahead!

Enterprising and determined, Katie is gifted as a public speaker. She’s largely responsible for starting the Speech Team at SLDM…and also at Guerin Catholic. I’m rooting hard for this (future engineer..?) to end up at my alma mater, Purdue University! For now, we can all enjoy watching her shine in all her Guerin Catholic Fine Arts activities for the next year and a half or so!

What I love about about Katie is that she brings out the good in the people around her. Her disposition is naturally joyful– and WOW does the world need extra heaping spoonfuls of that! This is why when GC people discover we are related by telling me their son or daughter is a friend of Katie’s, I usually have a very simple reply. “I admit I am entirely biased, but if your child is a friend of my niece Katie, then I know they are a quality human being.” It’s true. Katie is an authentic, kind soul who attracts like minded young people.

Today, Katie turns 17! Wow that happened fast! I think of her still as that little girl we all called “Katie bug”. As you celebrate your birthday today, sweet girl, I just wanted to tell you that you should never underestimate the impact you have on all the people in your path. By being selfless and kind to everyone, I suspect you are unknowingly the one person who helps to sooth an ailing heart or who reaches a wound only compassion can help to heal. You consistently inspire me by your example of character and integrity!


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