Mad for…Tony

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. -William James

An intelligent man with a great sense of humor is well…everything! Tony Bonacuse is such a guy. He’s got an infectious grin and he never fails to make me laugh when I see him. Tony is a good-hearted guy who I met through other St. Louis de Montfort families. He’s got a handsome son named Ian who played some baseball and basketball with my youngest son, Zach, over the years. He’s also the husband to a beautiful and generous wife named Polly.

If I’m being completely candid, Tony is kind of a smart aleck. I’d use another word, but I’m keeping the blog PG today. He’s got a confident Italian swagger, but at the same time he’s very kind to people in his path. I haven’t got the slightest clue what Tony does for a living but I am pretty sure he is from northern Ohio, as I recall him mentioning his high school years while feeding us all sorts of humorous lies between innings over at Billericay Park a few years back, ha?

Here’s how Tony won me over, though. Anyone who has spent much time around me or my sons over the years has inevitably met my parents. They are incredibly supportive and loving human beings who have made the 60-mile trek from Lafayette to Indianapolis more times than one could even begin to count over the years. Most of those trips were made to come watch one of their three grandsons play in some sporting contest. My Dad is full up to his eyeballs with personality and if there is anyone approaching his level of orneriness in the area, he will find them like a heat-seeking missile. Therefore, I’ve been known to warn certain folks in advance of the sneak attack that might be coming their way. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to Tony Bonacuse in time, ha? The good news is that with his quick wit and full grasp of the gift that is sarcasm, he had zero trouble with Grandpa Jim, who was heartily laughing and Tony was being utterly monopolized by my Dad by the time I noticed them together the first time at a ball game. I sure do love my Dad, and I have always been grateful for folks like Tony who make him smile and laugh! You, sir, are a good sport!

Tony is a phenomenal dad, and a class act himself. Yesterday was his birthday. I’ve been chasing birthdays all month, darn it! Tony, please excuse the belated good wishes, but I do often say that I believe strongly in the month long celebration. You’ll have to get on board with my line of thinking today because I’m giving you a BIG ITALIAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUT!! People like you who smile often, laugh frequently, and never hesitate to share their love for life with others around them are the folks who I think inspire me the most, because the world SO needs your joy! Thanks for giving me a little taste of the “Bonacuse secret sauce” every time I see you!

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