Mad for…Scott

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play. (Henri Matisse)

It seems like a million years ago since I roamed the halls of Central Catholic High School, but I will admit to being a member of the class of 1989. Yikes, that’s 30 years ago!! When I noticed that this week one of my old classmates was celebrating a birthday, I decided it was time to honor his awesomeness all these years later.

It’s been three decades since I have laid eyes on this guy in person, but I have been watching from afar and it’s very easy to see that he is a loving dad to two very blessed children and the husband to a lucky gal named Rhonda whom I’ve never met. Witty, kind and generous were always qualities I associated with Scott when we tromped through those old halls at CC, but his defining quality was his creativity. He could draw circles around the rest of us and as a writer, he was a shining star. Even through Facebook I can see that his beautiful kind eyes and winning smile are still very much in tact.

Here’s what I never told Scott. He’s the one who made writing seem cool to me. What he penned, I was drawn into completely. Undoubtedly, it was because of Scott’s lead that I continued to read like a crazy person and dabble a little with my pen or my keyboard in the post high school days. When he used his God-given talent, he was at his shiniest. The Lord loves when we brighten up the area, and I suspect that the current, slightly older version of Scott Haan still sees the world through a lens different enough to make it truly great when explained from his perspective.

Thanks for showing me that being curious and coloring outside the lines is actually the secret sauce, Scott! I am LOOOONG overdue to acknowledge your fabulousness. We’ll have to adopt the festival approach to birthday celebrations since I am a day late with my greeting, however, I have always been in the “more is more” camp where these things are concerned! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT!!

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