Mad for…Ty

Passion is your life juice, and without it, expect a very bland existence indeed. -Myrza Sison

Today, the Guerin Catholic Tennis team played in the first round of IHSAA Boys Tennis Sectionals at Carmel High School. It was the first such event for the Thieme family and it had me looking around during the warm-ups at all the great young men and terrific families we have gotten to know through Zach’s participation in this sport during his freshman year at GC. One of those families is the Harrington clan.

Passionate is how Z first described his teammate Ty Harrington. He’s a talented, athletic and experienced tennis player– a hard-hitting sophomore for the Golden Eagles. Like Zach, he’s the “baby” of his family. He has two talented and integrity-filled older sisters, and he’s the son of Stacey and Pete Harrington. When the preseason practices had just begun, our kiddo was just not sure if he was going to feel comfortable with this new group. He’s a freshman and really who is lower on the social pecking order of life than a high school freshman boy? Right? He felt awkward. However, I told him, “Give the guys a chance. I’m confident you’ll make new friends.”

Then, we started noticing he seemed to be laughing and joking with Ty Harrington as he walked out of practices. Ty is full up to his eyeballs with personality!

Here’s the thing. A talented kid like Ty absolutely did not have to choose to be welcoming to Zach Thieme. He didn’t have to smile in his direction or break out his grin and “smartassery”. I shared with Stacey and Pete that in my opinion, Ty was the one that made the initial difference for Z on the GC tennis team. You don’t joke around with people you dislike, after all. Being from a family of sarcasm savants, Z spoke that language and began to feel more comfortable. It’s absolutely true Ty’s a competitive kid with a little bit of a passionate edge on the court, but also…Ty is a handsome young man of character who chose to be welcoming to the new guy. Welcoming the stranger is one of my most favorite qualities in humans. I hate to break it to him, but that sort of behavior is likely to label Ty in my eyes as (perilously near) being the face of Christ to others. Ha? I am not sure he’ll like it but I am two thumbs up on this kid.

Ty joked with me before the first home GC football game about how the older kids were going to have a blast “hazing” the freshmen in the student section that night. He had a great twinkle in his eyes that spoke to me, I’ll admit. He’s a harmless prankster with fantastic hair a good heart. I have a special fondness for cheeky smart-alecks. Ty is a little saucy, but in the best possible way. You can’t coach personality, one just has to be born with it.

Today, I just wanted to congratulate Ty on the sectional win at #1 doubles and wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you were celebrated in a big way today as your life is certainly one worth celebrating, kid! We love your gorgeous smile and your orneriness too! Ty, the GC tennis team would definitely not have the same flavor without you on it. Thanks for being welcoming to the new guy. We saw that. Well done young man!

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