Mad for…Adam

Kindness and courtesy are at the root of a positive customer service experience. (Shep Hyken)

Today, Tom and I did something we rarely do. We traveled over to the Oaklandon area. Getting there from here is really not that easy, even in the middle of the afternoon. I’m pretty sure most of the north side of Indy is virtually inaccessible at the moment, but I digress. The point is, we decided to go chat with our insurance agent, Adam Custer. It was time well spent.

Friendly and professional, Adam greeted us with a genuine smile and a firm handshake this afternoon. A Pendleton Heights grad who I think still lives in Pendleton, I know very little about him personally except that he’s married to a beautiful woman named Nanci, he has a gorgeous little blond haired daughter, and he’s at least ten years younger than yours truly. I chose to write about Adam today because one of my favorite things is encountering excellent customer service. I try to always acknowledge great service!!

Since we first met Adam and moved our auto and homeowners insurance to his company, he’s been absolutely outstanding. He’s accessible and responsive whenever I have questions, and he went way out of his way to thoughtfully help us three years ago when Tom had a serious accident coming home from Michigan. He was extremely well prepared for our appointment and incredibly attentive to our needs this afternoon. We made a few tweeks to our accounts and left feeling like we are well-represented. It was easy peasy because Adam is capable and experienced.

Here’s the thing. A good customer experience in this world of automated phone service and online everything doesn’t happen by accident. I always say that courteous treatment of others creates a walking billboard, and since I’ve been known to groan a little when I encounter poor service out there in this big bad world, today, I’m attempting to spread a little love for Adam Custer because he gets it right. So, if you need insurance and you live in the Indy area, give Adam at American Family a shout. You can probably email him at and you’ll hear from him in short order. He’s a good human who knows how to treat his people.

Thank you, Adam, for what you do each day! The insurance business isn’t flashy, but it’s important work nevertheless. One finds that out quickly when life deals the unexpected and you need a kind person to help you navigate. We are grateful for you!

1 thought on “Mad for…Adam

  1. Have known Adam for many years now and he is genuine – the real deal! Those like Adam stand out in a world filled with negativity and mediocrity. He cares and it shows. Am Fan also has additional great staff at their Pendleton office.

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