Mad for…Ellie

Whoever is happy will make others happy. — Anne Frank

Because my home here in Carmel, Indiana has more than one melancholic temperament under roof, I have a chalkboard in the mudroom. This is so that I can impart positivity against the wills of some of the men living here. For several months, I’ve left the same message posted which says, “Smile! Happiness looks gorgeous on you!” As I left the house this morning, I giggled. You see, today’s birthday girl was on my mind as I headed to mass to pray for her, and she does not need her mother to post a message such as this. This young lady has sunshine in her soul. I think God fashioned her out of star dust.

Meet Ellie Beck! Ellie is my niece and god daughter, the youngest daughter of my sister, Robin, and her handsome husband, Chris. She is also the little sis to Maddie, who is a high school sophomore. Ellie is the youngest of the grandchildren on my side of the family. Incredibly intelligent, witty, and kind, she’s also remarkably talented. About a year and a half ago, at the end of 5th grade, I happened to catch her in person at her school’s spring musical, Annie. I am completely biased, of course, but I thought she killed it in the lead role.

Ellie shines brighter. She smiles with glorious sincerity. Most of all, Ellie has a compassionate heart and a spectacular silly streak. When we took a walking tour of Purdue’s campus this summer, Ellie wore her “IU Hoosiers” sweatshirt to antagonize all of us Boilermakers and declare her love and loyalty to her parents alma mater. It made me chuckle! The top photo above is of Ellie in the Purdue Bookstore, trying on everything she could find that did NOT contain the Purdue logo! She’s misguided, but it’s not her fault, so I’ll overlook it, HA!? Here are some other things I’ve noticed about Ellie. She’s grateful, curious, and when life trips her up, she dusts herself off and gets up. Ellie is eager to share what she’s learned with others and she greets the world with positivity. She’s friendly and considerate.

Today, Ellie turns 13! Being a teenager can be tough, but this young lady is ready for the challenge. She makes the world a better place for others by the way she lives her life. Elle Belle, I am so proud to be your aunt. You are a hot fudge sundae with sprinkles on top special! Our good and gracious God loves you beyond words, and so do I! I know you are over there at All Saints doing your thoughtful, kindhearted thing every day, and today I hope you get the chance to lick some icing off your fingers and celebrate YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLIE!!

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