Mad for…Angi

Kindness is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

She’s a fun-loving mom who roots for the wrong college team, ha? Angi Micheels is a Hoosiers fan with a bright smile and a very quick wit. She and her husband, Rich, live nearby here in Carmel. I’m pretty sure she’s a Carmel native who attended high school here too. My memory isn’t what it used to be, but what I know for sure is that she’s a beautiful human being, inside and out!

I met Angi several years ago. She has 3 sons just like I do. Her middle son, Sam, played baseball for several seasons with our Nick. They became pals and Sam rode along with us to games or practices a few times over the years. He’s got a pretty terrific and genuine grin, just like his mom, and he always made me laugh! All three of her sons– Calvin, Sam and Jackson– are just incredibly handsome young men. Jackson (who is maybe 2 years older than Zach) is her baby but he’s like 6’7 or some crazy thing! I wouldn’t have guessed that’s where he was headed when he and Z would throw tennis balls off the side of their big brother’s dugout for hours on end as little guys!

I always enjoyed having Angi around to enjoy the summer fun with us, because she was just as fired up and into the action as I have always been at my boys sporting events…plus she made me giggle. However, that’s not why I am writing about her today. Do you see the quote above? That’s the header on her Facebook page, and I think she has figured out life pretty well if she’s chosen to spread that fabulousness to her people! Not only that, but in small things she’s living it out. I’ve seen her advocating for humane treatment of both people and animals. Also, there’s this. I’ve been posting a few words each day in 2019 about someone who I think is making a positive difference for others, and Angi has been doing that for ME!

I think Angi has posted a comment of some affirming kind nearly every day of my 221 day (so far) “Mad for 2019” adventure. I’ll be honest, I haven’t felt like writing every single day. On the few days here and there where I was just worn out physically or emotionally and I considered hanging it up, because, really it was a nice idea and a good run….but will anyone really notice if I stop now….? I’d often think about an encouraging soul who lives just a little bit down Hazel Dell Parkway named Angi Micheels WHO ALWAYS COMMENTS and decide to just keep on trucking. Obviously, I’m under no obligation to continue this silly little idea, except that spreading kindness just does not take that much time and it’s a good thing!

So, today I wanted to honor my friend Angi. She’s a phenomenal mom, daughter, sister and wife…and a compassionate soulful woman. I’ve witnessed all of that for myself over the years. She’s a competitive and selfless hard worker. Also, she knows how to encourage others to persevere. For that last bit, I am especially thankful. The world needs more folks like you, Angi, who understand that kindness is contagious. We’d all be wise to take a few cues from your beautiful humanity! Let’s find an excuse to lay eyeballs on each other soon, old friend? You are a fantastic human and I am grateful to know you!!

1 thought on “Mad for…Angi

  1. Thank you, Angi, for your encouragement for my Norwex party! I was so nervous and you made me feel better. You’re a true friend.

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