Mad for…Grace

Life is not about the mistakes you’ve made. It’s about the lessons you’ve learned and the friends you’ve made along the way.

I made a new old friend in the last several days. Her name is Grace Hineman. Grace is the sunny and compassionate mom of 3 (Michael, Maddie and Lizzie) and wife to Mike. She runs Cups Coffee in downtown Indy and she likes golf a little. She’s an IU girl who went to Brebeuf, and I can’t help it that I like her all the same, ha?! I don’t know tons more yet about her little “isms” but I have a feeling I am going to learn. Let me explain “new old friend”. It seems important to me that you understand.

I’ve known Grace for a long time– nearly 20 years. I’ve heard lots of stories about her sweet family and I know all about the quality of her character and how she radiates positivity. I know she understands how to walk alongside others on their journey through this insanity we call life during the joys and the sorrows. She’s incredibly bright and cheerful. Some of this I have observed for myself from afar, but most of my knowledge comes from our pretty terrific mutual friend, Karen Volpe. Karen talked about Grace quite a bit as she was clearly crazy about her. Karen very often shared a recap of their latest adventure with me when the two of us were catching up– and always with a smile on her face. Their friendship was most certainly of God. It made my heart happy to know Karen had a Gracie Hineman in her corner!

In the last few days as our very dear mutual friend neared the end of her earthly life, Grace called me. We texted. We talked again. We made plans to get together. It became clear to me that while we had never previously been close, we both felt significant mutual respect and concern for one another. It was an easy fit. I didn’t have to wonder what kind of person Grace really is, because you see my friend Karen had already given me her seal of approval on Grace Hineman many years ago. Hugging her last night and again this morning felt so natural and I coped better with a tough couple days having seen her beautiful face. She felt much more like an old friend I love than a new friend I was just getting to know better. Therefore, I have declared that Grace is my new old friend and I really do love her. Sorry for your luck, Mrs. Hineman!!

Karen taught me about the importance of appreciating each day and about how relationships are what life is all about. She’d be SUPER thrilled to know that Grace and I have been laughing and telling stories about her together. Thanks, Grace, for being an amazing human. You are the real deal. Our journey continues…

Rest in peace, KPV.

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